Friday, March 10, 2017


After much arguing and frayed nerves, Father Martin and I have decided on a title for Edition 2 of THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG.

It will be officially called THE BOOKS OF OG, ENOCH AND THE GIANTS. I know I just posted a different title earlier this week, but like I said, Father Martin and I worked it out.

Included in the book will be a preface penned by myself, an extensive forward and book introductions which will be penned by Father Martin.

I will still keep his "Satan's Work Is Done" essay at the end of the document, because he really knocked it out of the park with that one.

If there is anything that I can say about the words that Father Martin is assembling, I would say that they are both creepy and angry. In fact, I am going to pull an angry paragraph of his and place it here, so you can see where he is going (understand that this hasn't been cleared by his editor yet):

"Yes, there is contorting theological judo that you can throw at me, but my point stands: JUDE features the BOOK OF ENOCH as source material for your further Biblical studies. The HOLY SPIRIT said so.  An argument against me is an argument against the HOLY SPIRIT. That same HOLY SPIRIT who has anointed some of the words of Enoch. We know that they are anointed, because they are in the book of JUDE in the Holy Bible.

The words would have to be inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT. To say that they are not inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT is to unravel the Holy Bible itself. Think about it. So, then parts of the BOOK OF ENOCH are inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT, and the rest of the book is poppycock? There are internal knots one can adopt to accept this nonsense, or one can just call it out:  It is referenced in the Bible, this is good enough reason to read it. The path has been illuminated in the BOOK OF ENOCH’s direction with Jude’s verses, tell me otherwise and keep a straight face"

Like I said, he is a little angry.

I will keep you posted.