Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Book of Giants, Enoch and King Og

Father Martin and I have had another blowout.

He is bothered that the publishing of THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG doesn't reference more key, extra-biblical texts. So a compromise has been made.

We are going to release a second edition. This will include all of the BOOK OF THE GIANTS Dead Sea Scroll text as well as the FIRST BOOK OF ENOCH.

I idly suggested, "Why don't we just throw in THE BOOK OF JASHER as well?" To this, Father Martin hung up the phone and didn't talk to me for several days. After he'd calmed down, he emailed me telling me that all available copies of THE BOOK OF JASHER are fake, and he doesn't want them in the compilation I am assembling. He said that we need to take this seriously and we can't just put in any extra-biblical books that tickle our fancy.

The whole exchange threw me, as I was approximately halfway through reading THE BOOK OF JASHER at the time. My studying of it came to me honestly, as it is mentioned in my King James Bible at Joshua 10:13 and Samuel 1:8. In fact, to learn that the available copies of THE BOOK OF JASHER (apparently there are 5 of them), well, it kind of knocked me for a loop.

So those are the current mechanizations in the background. THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG Edition #2 will be available soon. Father Martin is penning a forward, and I am sure it will allude to all of the darkness that he mentions in his afterward at the end of THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG.

If we go to press later this week, that will mean that there are 2 different versions of THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG in paperback version. Currently, I am checking content guidelines to make sure I step on no one's toes as I pull this one together.
In my other time I am tuning up the GONTEEKWA. In fact, that which is online, in regards to the Grenada story is being re-tooled. There is a lot more detail that I am now coating over characters and conversation.

I plan on unveiling the complete GONTEEKWA by July, 2017