Monday, September 19, 2016


This poor guy is having a meltdown on his website. Here is what he has to say about THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG:

He probably needs to read the entire document, which is available if you click this sentence.

The Giant King Og

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Note: This was originally posted on 4-6-16 but it has come to the attention of T2B that this story may indeed be a hoax. Why someone would do such a thing is beyond comprehension. There seems to be an element of people trying to deceive the public by writing fiction, and providing just enough truth in their messages to fool the reader. In turn, this hurts the credibility of those of us who are trying to study a legitimate topic provided in the Bible.
T2B cannot verify the story one way or another. We strongly suggest you study the actual biblical writings and not rely on any story told by a writer purposely trying to deceive the public.

 The complete link for this site is here.