Sunday, January 03, 2016

Putting those dirty looks in focus

I could tell Portland was bad the last time I was up there. I walked my dog up a street and saw a blatantly racist bumper sticker while simultaneously getting mad-dogged by some old white guy who wasn't capable of backing his look up with his fists.
This article at the bottom confirms it. This ignorant spirit lives on.

I pulled the church pic out of the article, because GODDAMN, I have an unrelated story for you.

One Sunday in the late-80s, I royally screwed up and set foot in the white METHODIST church in some godforsaken sumphole town in Texas. It was the most uncomfortable I have ever been in a so-called house of god.

Those church patrons burned their eyes into me. I was resilient. I thought we were all the body of christ. I thought that christianity was something that was greater than race. I thought that christianity was a loving thing that accepted all men. I mean, I had been reading my bible.


Christianity in the United States is perverse. The below picture demonstrates what I am talking about.

The article below that demonstrates the historic issues in Portland.

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