Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey Man

I have writings. Lots of them. This blog has been more of a photojournal than anything for the past few years. The reason why? I was writing elsewhere. I dunno. I had gotten away from the whole blogging notion probably as a result of Twitter and Facebook. The personal bytes that people throw out are much more concise and witty these days. To slug through the concept of BLOGGING seems cumbersome. And unnecessary.

But here is the thing, I have been writing. I have all of this random stuff that I have been generating text file after text file for. Some of it is good blog material and a lot of it is good short story material.

Here is how it all converges:

I have 10 short stories that I want to have polished off by mid-December. This is a project that doesn't concern my usual writing fellowes. I mean, in a way it does, because 2 or 3 of the short stories will be developed in their direction. But the big thing is to get 10 short stories off, and here it is October 12.

I can do it though. This is where the blog comes in. Because I have no real sounding board (Susannah is going to be at work until mid-December, you see how this is piecing together?). I have to write it out though. I have spools and spools of ideas and information in my head that I have to express or else I will lose them.

So I am going to be dumping the ideas here and processing them.

Next post it is on.