Sunday, September 20, 2015

Santa Cruz Bongers



I screwed up by putting honey on them.



College students...



To Slow Cooker.


Driving to Work

Can be so pretty some nights.


A head by a rock.

I got real close to him. He was laying sideways, from the grate. He was sort of stuck. When I got too close, he figured it out.



I make Susannah a sammich when I get home. That way she can have something to eat during the next day.

The dog keeps close for potential counter failings on my part.


The Killer

Sees the Pacific in her future.


Not This Horrible View Again

Santa Cruz, what a dive.


What I Gotta Deal With

Every damn day.


West Cliff Whale

Saw him 6x last week.


Black Bean Lasagna

Like I said, I ate 3/s of one of these in one sitting.


My New Evil

I have been cooking a lot of beans lately. So I tried to lasagna the concept out. Ricotta cheese, mozerrella, and bacon. 

I ate 3/4 of one in one sitting.


September bbq

It was hot as a waterdrinker.


On Stage

In Zone 3.


We Went for Brunch

I was king of the world.




I went 12 wins.

Other people play COD, Fallout or FF. I play Tekken still, after all these years.


So you're a vet now.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Pinche Rata

Electrocuted in the blue box. It was a long time coming.