Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Getting Close to TIme to Leave another Social Media Site.

Here is what the original poster said:

Presidents Day 19h ago

Joe French from Santa Cruz 
I couldn't help but notice the lack of patriotism in the neighborhood due to no flags flyin today in honor of Presidents Day. Sad! 

Here is my response:

Peter  from Santa Cruz  18h ago
Hey man. Just cause there are no flags doesn't mean we're not patriots or happy to have the day off. Get off your judgemental high horse and relax please.

That guy is an idiot.
And apparently there are a bunch of idiots nearby who feel totally fine being talked to like morons from a moron. Here is an example:

Marlene Henderson from Santa Cruz  10h ago
Morning Joe- It is good of you to express you opinion! This is a great Country and it is constantly being fought for, to sustain our freedoms by not just Patriots but True Americans too. It is Sad that this "High Horse" phrase has taken on a new meaning. It used to mean LEADERSHIP!. We need more of it!!

Thank you Joe for your mention ~~ "The So called leadership in Washington ~ let the day pass!

Here is another:
Britain Wilson from Woodland Heights 2h ago
Agreed! Flag going out, patriotism will be on full display at my home. Thanks Joe!

What a buncha sheep.