Sunday, January 25, 2015

Telemarketer Text Showdown

1 (831) 325-9083 01/23/15 17:48
Hi. You just left me a threatening voicemail. I have no idea who you are. I believe you have the wrong number 

Me 01/23/15 17:49
You just called here with some Expedia noise. I just told you to stop calling. 

1 (831) 325-9083 01/23/15 17:49
No. I did not

Me 01/23/15 17:50
Don't talk/call here again. 

Me 01/23/15 17:50
Take me off your list. 

1 (831) 325-9083 01/23/15 17:52
I don't work for expedia and I have never called you. Take ME off YOUR list

Me 01/23/15 17:53
This should be our last communication then, fucko. Stop calling/texting. Not interested in you or whatever you're selling. Have a nice life. Stop calling.