Monday, August 18, 2014


 Last Monday night in Crown Merrill.  Mattress swapping looked surreal
 The parking lot by CMA.  I was more after the lights, and seeing if the mist would sparkle.

I dig the way the stairs play out at College 8.
Trying to secure decent lighting by the Admin Building.
The tennis courts.

The moon cutting through.
The other side of the C8 Admin Building.  By the Dining Hall.
The center gutter.
Center gutter to parking lot.
The C8 sign.

Off-roading outta Oakes.
Lower C8 emergency road.

That bus stop.
Apartments 3 and 4.
Stairs going down to Oakes.
Mother and child.

These last 3 are from a night in Cowell Stevenson.