Monday, August 18, 2014

More Work Pics. #UCSC

 The construction by Apartment 2 in C8.
 The Dining Hall during the day.
A different way to go down the center gutter.
 Tennis courts looking up to the Squiggle of #Porter.
 FSH stairs looking confusing.
FSH stairs or a ramp.
FSH bridge.
 The backside of the Dining Hall.
 C8 Garden bench.
 These dudes are HUGE.
 Emergency road.
 The road to Oakes.
Knoll Ridge.
 Clouds are rolling in off the ocean.

 Up at C8 from the Knoll.
Knollview again.

 Oakes stairs.

From Oakes by the bus stop.  The backlight accentuates the horizon.
 Oakes Learning Center.

 Stairs to the Oakes bridge.

 Looking back at Wiesel
Oakes Bridge.
 I tried to illuminate this tree with a flash.  The Milk laundry room and the walkway all looked like a great angle with the naked eye. I couldn't land it with the camera though.
 Back door to the Oakes cafe.
 View off of the Learning Center landing.
 Inside the LC.  The pic didn't become what I wanted it to.  However, it was a cool moment.

 Oakes classrooms.
 C8 Apt. 1
 The road down.

 Now I'm getting into those misty pics that I always want.  You can see the mist swirl under the lights.  You can blow on it and watch it twist.  I have caught it when it actually rains, but not at this stage.  It does make for some interesting ambiance though

Seriously.  I have to do a round at 2AM.  I am in the middle of writing a story about a werewolf, and all I want to do is see this misty light.  Its dark, I'm alone and its awesome.