Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Whiskey on the 4th.

‎Here is the story:
On July the 3rd, I was hanging with Doug and Brian. We'd had a dinner of salmon and scallops. Then we tore into some whiskey. Brian drinks dirty. This means that when my back is turned, he'll throw an extra half oz into the glass. Needless to say, I got HAMMARED. 
The rest of the story is about my loving wife helping me as I yank down shower heads and bleed all over the place as I try to shave and shower while obliterated. Not flattering. Not cool. I don't like to get drunk like that. Its too...dense. I always feel bad afterward, and not just physically. I feel a spiritual low, like I have sown a bunch of bad karma.
So the next night, I ate until it hurt. This was a ribs night, because it was the 4th. I packed the food in. Then I drank about 3 champagne, 2 glasses of decent cab and went into both of the above bottles of whiskey (brought by Brian, bless his blackened soul).

I ended the night sober.  

That's how you do it. Don't drink of little bitchfish, drink on a bellyfull of pork.