Wednesday, July 23, 2014


PKD= Philip K Dick.
This is what I slapped up on Reddit.  Its the whole story in a nutshell.

Brace yourself, this is a tad long-winded. I know there are more details you might require. I'll answer any questions that I can weasel around my NDA below.

Back in the 60s, my father (an up and coming sci-fi writer) hung out with Philip K Dick. They plotted together to co-write a novel. PKD sent my father a 30 page treatment with a general story outline. Life, drugs and insanity got in the way of it ever being finished. When I finished my BA in the 90s, my father sent it to me and told me to take a run at finishing it. I wasn't mature enough as a writer to pull it off then. It came with a cover letter from Dick himself giving plot suggestions and more. Its a ridiculous collectors item.

The story has all of the traditional PKD trappings, but it is also more "humaner than human" in respect to DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP. Seriously, it has "big screen" written all over it.

Fast-forward to today. I have a writing team, and we have updated the story and made it much more modern, and taken out a lot of the '50s sci-fi tropes that made it feel cheesy (understand, this is a solid decade before Star Wars). What we have is a solid story with a plot that twists and turns to an unexpected and ultimate payoff. Everyone I have told it to has been rendered slack-jawed. The story is completely badass, and it doesn't cheat with "then I woke up from my dream" or "oh yeah, I didn't mention that this fact was in play, thereby getting out protagonist out of his 9th hour). In fact, we have written 3 different endings to the story, each of them is completely solid.

As a lifelong fan of PKD (I have a story about my meeting the man), I thought it would be cool to hit up the Dick Estate and let them know that I have this treasure from their patriarch's past. No answer. I even had my lawyer hit them up. Still no answer.

And now we are stuck. We have this awesome story, ready to go, and we can't figure out how to get it out there. Do any of you have any suggestions?

A little about myself: I am an over the top cinephile. I write incessantly, and I know a good story when I see one. I have kept a few pop culture blogs, and written a bazillion film reviews. I also have a bazillion short stories that I have written as well. I have one completed novel and one almost done. I have 3 more short stories that I tasked myself with completion before September 30th. I am a writer first and foremost.

A little about my team: UCLA film school heads. Guys who know film inside and out. Writers with short stories, short film and scripts already out there. These guys write incessantly too. They have an eye for the original and they bring it.

We would love to get this project out. We are just at our wits end. Sure, I could sell the original treatment as a collectible, but I would rather see it converted to a screenplay and released to the public that way.

Believe me when I tell you that we have considered "crowd-sourcing". If you've read this far, you know how convoluted this situation is. How can I possibly hustle this beast on KICKSTARTER? We just need to talk to the right people, walk them through it and get it done.

How do we insert ourselves in the front of the GUARANTEED BLOCKBUSTER line with a product that the public will not only be curious about (lost PKD story) but with a product that delivers? This lost PKD manuscript is the genesis of a twisted, gritty, hardcore sci-fi tale that pays dividends in the 3rd act.

Does anyone out there have a suggestion on directions to go with this project? I have an entertainment lawyer and copyright lawyers (hence the NDA because the property is a bit hot) that are all saying that this thing is dead in the water at this point. I'm hoping that perhaps, by sharing it here, there would be enough people curious about the thing to get a ground swell going and maybe get this project on the right person's desk.