Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lady Justice

‎I still hate on Metallica even though I wore my Jump in The Fire tshirt to work last night.

Total sellouts.

Listened to Lulu with a co-worker and wanted to bash my head into the cement.

I really, really liked them when I was a teenager. I needed a replacement for all of the religion being shoveled at me by my parents. Metallica was the solution. But they couldn't stay rough. They fell for the money and courted MTV.  

I am conflicted.

I was so stalwart in my stance I have never owned the Justice album. I'm a Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning guy. Master of Puppets is overproduced and not as pretty at RTL.  

I saw them open for Ozzy. I saw Cliff Burton live.

Now they're a fucking punchline.

I am so conflicted. Every time a new album comes out, I download the shit and give it a listen and then go back to this angry betrayed space I have been in for decades.

I wish they would just go away.

This statue is dope though.