Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Google Mess

‎So, I can still log into this account from my phone, but I can't access it from my laptop. The reason why is that Google has forced a relationship upon me with a different account and can't seem to comprehend why I would want to log out of that account and use this one. Fortunately, I am still on a Blackberry, which doesn't respect Google the way the pissy advertising giant wishes to be respected. But it's back to pics and uploads. I have a buncha stuff that I have to put somewhere!

Facebook is a bitchfest. Why the hell would I put anything up there just to have someone try to say something quirky, right-wing, and blovian there? 

Twitter is more like my pop culture musings. 

I take a LOT of pics. This is where they're gonna go!

I don't expect you to be reading this. If you are, kudos, because when the big project drops, this is where I will be speaking on it mostly.