Friday, July 18, 2014

Someday i'm going to break down

How I gave up on Christianity. How I became a "Goddamn Agnostic."Its not an angry position. I just can't get behind Xtianity's rigidity.  

Some other day, i'll break it down. But until then, this is Saint Death. I have a St. Death shirt that I wear. It broadcasts (in my view) a general disregard for religion. Re-codifying it as something ridiculous.   Just slap a skeleton face on any Virgen de Guadalupe and it's on. Who cares? I can't be bothered to go to church, but here is a real quick catchall saint i'm down with, that the church doesn't endorse, but looks like something that the church would endorse. St. Death. 

Apparently Mexican Cartel dudes are down with St. Death because they can't go to church with their families for fear of being gunned down (or somesuch nonsese).

St Death, I love you.