Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Day pt. 2

The sun was out. Ivan and I biked to west cliff. We stopped off at that aquarium knockoff place and talked to Old Man Trap for a minute (I wish that guy would just admit that the original opening crawl for STAR WARS said nothing about EPISODE IV and whatnot).
Rolled out to the Magpie hideout and chilled for a minute. Then Eyeball and I hit the boardwalk hard. Classics corner. Garlic fries. Old school. Then we biked back, riding bikelane to sidewalk tandem. He's a great kid. I'm proud of him. We went to Andrew's later for 12 year old scotch (uhhh, not for Ivan). We watched THE LAST STAND and enjoyed the hell out of our weekly manly thursday night. Rolled the first half of PREDATORS (which is complete, and proves that Predator 2 and the AVPs were all unnecessary).
Left a Hector patch out in front of Andrew's as we bailed out. Got home and played nonstop falling leaf/deathfist Tekken and called it. But all I really have to show for this good day are these pics of this immaculate '56.
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Good Day pt 1

This is a '56. The day would have been perfect if it was a '57. I did get 149,000 on Ms. PacMan and the all-time greatest on Defender at the Boardwalk which stands behind where I shot this pic.
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Monday, June 24, 2013


 No ego, but totally self-centered.  I can dress her like a pumpkin on halloween, but I'd better give her treats.  The "hand over a treat" look is what this pic captures.  Its earnest, demanding, heartfelt, and sincere.


Ohhhh this pains me.

I have loved this car forever, but it is impractical at this time to keep it.  I suppose I will grab another piece of 60s muscle history when the fortunes get their re-shine on.  But ultimately, this is an excuse to drop some serious photos and facts about the car I love.

Right out of the gate, you need to know that Hector sleeps in a garage.

This is the engine last December, prior to a few new touches I will mention

 This is Hector parked at a hellhole I used to frequent.

The horn is unhooked.  But when it is re-hooked, its gonna be nothing but class.  I'm actually considering the pump and the train horn.

When the sun hits it just right, the car looks pro.  Don't get it twisted though, Hector needs a paintjob.

Interior is clean.  Too bad the pic is dark, or you would see the Frankenstein decal in the back window. 

Look at that roof. No rips, tears, or BS.

The no-rip view from the front, in case you thought I was exaggerating.

The cockpit.  Seats need to be re-done or re-purchased.  I haven't decided.  Until then, I have the papal cross covers holding it all down.

Notice the skull bank on the dash.  Great for parking change and arcade tokens.  NOT INCLUDED IN FINAL SALE.

Belts in the back if you're rolling with your offspring.

The pic above and below are the latest mods.  I have an overflow container off the radiator now.  I added that and re-installed the thermostat to guarantee a nice cool ride.  The pic below is the new valve cover stems.  I changed the gasket about 2 months ago.  Now there is easy access to it.  Also, clumsy me, I was looking for the oile leak everywhere and the oil leak was simply a loose bolt on the valve cover.

My cousin has taken various pics of Hector that I have sent to her and tuned them up proper.  Below is a hot day in about 1976.

Cousin again, same day in 1976.

Here you can sort of see the Frankenstein sticker.  The pic has been touched again by my cousin.

What else can I tell you?  I paid 5,000 for Hector.  My bottom line is 6,000 for the sale.  I recognize that I have dropped a couple of thousand into him, but I also recognize my salvaged tag.  Frame is straight, but there is an obvious front quarter panel swapout.  The original color was that pukey Ford yellow.  I think what I have basically done here is made the car into a comfortable daily driver.  I would like to do some more, but damn, stuff gets pricey.  I have the doors and hood alarmed.  I also have a CD/MP3 player with a removable faceplate in there too.I prefer the teal, but if I have my way with this car, its getting the Santa Cruz flat-black touch.  I have done a lot since then, including a complete Painless re-wiring after an engine fire (previous owner wired it all sorts of LAME).

The engine from what I know (outside of actually crawling underneath and looking at the serial number) is a Windsor .351 pulled out of a truck.  Consequently, Hector has some real get up and go power.  Tires can be scorched.  Did so about a week ago.  The speedo reads 10 mph faster than reality.  That is because of the lowered profile and meats I have.  To my best recollection, I have hit the 120-130 speed in this car.  I wouldn't suggest speeds like that around here though.  That kind of speed is just too damn fast.  It isn't relaxing.  80mph is more the direction I like to roll in.

I might as well cut and paste all of the text from my Craigslist ad in here too so here goes:

1966 Teal Mustang.
Salvaged title. The front driver's side has been rebuilt.
Up to date registration
.351 under the hood.
Lowered profile.
Daily driver.
Power Steering
Alarmed (door pops).
CD/MP3/IPOD Player
Seat covers over older worn seats.
Sleeps at night in a garage
Tagged front end, check the pic where the front license plate should be
Rims and meats
Relatively new radiator
A fistful of mechanical receipts.
I also have several pieces of exterior chrome to add to him
Some of the pics don't capture the vintage side mirrors.

Hector is one paint job away from being a street showstopper, although the paint job is passable. Chips, wear and tear and living with kids have marked up the exterior a bit, but Hector still looks formidable. You've got to get in close to see the nicks and scrapes of life on him.

*Painless kit has been installed after a complete electrical fail.

*My next plan is to drop a firewall between the engine and the cockpit.

*There are some rust bubbles under the rear window and in front of the driver side door.

*Dude before me did some touch up bondo on the front driver wheel well. Just the edging, and its a pretty sloppy job.

*Speedometer runs about 10 miles an hour faster than the actual vehicle. This has to do with the smaller wheels. Adjustment is on the books, but I haven't gotten to it.

*Electric fan runs all the time. The fan is mounted in front of the radiator (very front of the car). I am looking at taking it off and mounting it behind the radiator to guarantee a cooler running engine.

*Side bottle for radiator overflow just added. Hector runs cool, but the heating gauge on the dash say its running hot. Checked the temp manually and recently installed a new thermostat.

*Just dropped a new fuel pump in.

*Automatic shift needs a slight adjustment. Sometimes putting it in park isn't complete. In such cases, the car starts in neutral.

I love this car, and you should know that. As a matter of fact, I hate letting Hector go. I've always wanted the 1966 Mustang and pulled a major hustle to get this one. I'm letting him go because I don't have the resources to do what Hector needs done. My asking price is $6000. Its firm. I'm still working on him and will continue to do so until I sell him, so the price may go up. I'm looking for someone who is going to take Hector to the top. He's not there, but he's on his way. Hector has potential that I just couldn't realize. I'm hoping for an owner with that sort of vision.

You want stories? You want more pics? I have them. Email me and we can talk.

Actually, this blog isn't about selling the car.  I just want to immortalize Hector somewhere, because the phone is ringing off the fnarkdamn hook.  I've never had a car that I enjoyed to roll in as much as I enjoy Hector.  That's the truth.  Hector is a triumph.  A smooth car that I score stares and thumbs up from fellow drivers EVERY TIME I TAKE HIM OUT.  I dunno.  I guess I'm conditioned to catch middle fingers and stinkeye.

Gonna miss him.

A pretty maiden in a strawberry field

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Mailman better come correct

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Coolest lighter I've ever played with.

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He's very cute, but I had to kill him.

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Was walking the dog at 2 in the morning and glanced at this guy. This was the last time I had a jumpscare -Rolling in the Gardens

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Maybe should be 2 words. -Rolling in the Gardens

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All kids no ham

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Launch onto Seabright

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The Jerry I remember

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A rare pic of my rarer forefather Carl Damon.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

My homegirl

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Ventilated Breast

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I really can't talk now

Been dormant online. But that means I'm hustling elsewhere.

Here's the rub:  That which I am hustling, I cannot speak of online.  Its legal though, so don't you worry.

What I can say is that its moving.  When it evolves feet and shoes to protect itself, you'll read about it here, first.

For now, I just need to see if this blog is still open, because its coming.