Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Day pt. 2

The sun was out. Ivan and I biked to west cliff. We stopped off at that aquarium knockoff place and talked to Old Man Trap for a minute (I wish that guy would just admit that the original opening crawl for STAR WARS said nothing about EPISODE IV and whatnot).
Rolled out to the Magpie hideout and chilled for a minute. Then Eyeball and I hit the boardwalk hard. Classics corner. Garlic fries. Old school. Then we biked back, riding bikelane to sidewalk tandem. He's a great kid. I'm proud of him. We went to Andrew's later for 12 year old scotch (uhhh, not for Ivan). We watched THE LAST STAND and enjoyed the hell out of our weekly manly thursday night. Rolled the first half of PREDATORS (which is complete, and proves that Predator 2 and the AVPs were all unnecessary).
Left a Hector patch out in front of Andrew's as we bailed out. Got home and played nonstop falling leaf/deathfist Tekken and called it. But all I really have to show for this good day are these pics of this immaculate '56.
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