Saturday, May 14, 2011


No picture, just a straight-up rant.

Been scarce in all aspects of online persona except for FB and random Twitter updates lately.

I have been doing the 9-5 and thinking this whole thing through.

The Mediasaurs was a lot of fun. I saw more film and put my shoulder through more doors that I thought possible. But the truth of the matter is that I am tired of film. Hollywood has gone limp and weak. There is nothing new under the California sun. I had wood for the independent scene for a minute, but do you know what that means? Some of the mediocrity being shopped as "independent film" is enough to make me want to take the stairs at a highrise and start shooting at random people. It hurts me that much. Just because a motherfucker has a camera and a few hundred dollars in the bank doesn't mean that he should have the right to subject me to a half-finished product and expect me to write something positive about it. If I learned one thing, it was that when an independent filmmaker hits you up to send you a free DVD, it is a complete conflict of interest for the writer. This indie dude just busted his ass to put a free DVD in the mail for you, and now you are forced to go through this piece of shit and find a worthwhile ingot within this frothy mess that you can say something positive about.

I HATE THAT GAME. I did my best not to play it, but the temptation to soft-pedal the cold facts is a great one. You don't want to burn your bridge down because this guy might be on the come-up. And when he gets his million dollar payday, you want to be there to review his "real" Hollywood project. I am fucking done with this.

So what do I do? I have 3 serious writing projects that have been in various stages of fertilization and birth, and I need to get back to them. I had the abrupt thought a bit ago that they are all combineable in a post-modern sort of way, and that might have to be the direction that I go in. Seriously, if I combine these works, they will come off looking like one of the most original pieces of fiction that I have ever dealt with. Am I tooting my own horn? No. I am just saying that I have a writing project that has nothing to do with the public style of writing that I have been doing for the past few years. I need to get to it.

So in the back of my head I have to wonder about this Mediasaurs project. D0 I let it free-float in cyberspace, like that dead astronaut in ENEMY MINE? Or do I yoke it back, hammer it into something else and make it a living breathing thing again?

I honestly don't know. The idea for that thing hasn't hit me yet. What I know is that I am through writing and researching film that is ultimately intellectual bullshit and drawing free attention to such nonsense. If I sit on the mountaintop and scream profanities about Nic Cage and his lame career, I just draw attention to Nic Cage. Hollywood isn't what it was when I was a kid. The magic is gone. There was a moment in history, where a fifty to hundred million dollar movie starring your favorite actor meant something. That day is gone, and I don't see it coming back. There needs to be some new game, some original thought, and it is not out there.

There are some good independent filmmakers out there, and when they came across my path, I fucking gave them their props. Most notably was Kely McClung, who I would consider a personal friend outside of the hustling that we both did to push his product. But goddamn, people, either get me in there to rewrite your fucked up scripts or go back and rewrite them yourselves. When you are dealing with people like myself who can in one sitting tick off 500 movies that they have seen, you had better be doing something with your homages embedded deeper and with better thought out plotlines. The shit that passes for cinema that we are supposed to pay for these days sickens me. So much so, that I don't even want to mention the names of the movies in the cineplex right now that piss me off. I can't do it anymore. I refuse to give lip-service to this anxious whirlpool of mediocrity any more. I am fucking done.

All bitterness aside, I am going to start blogging a bit more. I write a lot, but I don't publish it. But this blog has been here forever and I might as well feed it.