Saturday, May 14, 2011

Casson and I

This picture is a metaphor on so many levels. Casson and I have walked through crowds with the same looks on our faces for decades. People get out of our way. Back when we had hair, little kids would cry and ask their parents if we were trolls. But what is really going on in this pic is that we are in the line at SMALL WORLD at DISNEYLAND and he is carrying his daughter. The truth in this picture is that we both look fucking scary, but we aren't. Floating through both of our minds are a bunch of thoughts that are basically concerned with our kids and a more innocent time of life. Casson's entire life has been plagued by people who look at him and assume something about him that is inaccurate. My life has been similar, perhaps even moreso. Its a color thing. Its a size thing. Its a societal thing. More often then naught, it is just an ignorance thing. God forbid we open our mouths and use words that person doesn't know. We come from some educated stock. Whatever, I am finally at a point in my life where I could give a fuck what a random person thinks about me when I walk down the street. But what a road I have had to walk down to shake such shackles.

PS. I still have that rash on my neck that I am rubbing in this pic. Travel brings out the worst in me. The worst in diet, the worst in sleeping habits, and the worst drinking habits. Obviously I ate something that I was slightly allergic to and I have to hydrocortisone it into submission.