Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I was raised in the church.

It is hard in this day of age to separate your relationship with your higher power from the Christian right. That is the way that the system is laid out. Sure, you can throw down with the Catholics or the Greek Orthodox types, but I mean really. I tried the Episcopalians for awhile but they taxed me in different ways. So if a person has a little bit of faith, what are they supposed to do? I honestly have no idea, the church makes me want to vomit.

Just to admit that I have a faith in something bigger than mankind sets me up for all sorts of slander. So I don't talk about it.

Here is the truest thing I heard in all of my time spent in churches. It was by a leader who later got run out by the villagers for some reason or another (as churches are wont to do). He basically said that we shouldn't run around saying "Goddamn" all the time, because what about the time when you really need to say it? There must be a use for calling such a holy curse down, and save it for that moment.

Well, I must admit that I have not kept that term in such a sacred space in my life. I started tinkering with it when I was a kid reading CATCHER IN THE RYE. I have dodged it and ducked it, but lately, it seems to be more and more useful.

But now, if there ever was a time to use it, to call it down and to blister something with it, I would point it at FOCUS ON THE FAMILY.

I have always dodged this one too. They have some good insight into raising kids. But you have to barrel-roll out of some hairy religious talk when dealing with these people. I take them with a grain of salt. Actually, I haven't taken them in years...I just don't fit in with them. I suppose that this blog is about the fact that i don't fit in with any organized religion at this point. But part of my not fitting in has been to not cast judgement.

"Hey, if the Methodists want to trip out on that stuff, fine. They are trying to do the right thing."

"Hey, the Baptists are on that? Well, they mean well."

And so on. I have tried to give the religious their space. They are on a spiritual trip, and who am I to knock it? Their trip just doesn't work for me, so I sleep in on Sundays thankyouverymuch.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, GODDAMN.

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY has published a 12,000 foot view letter from the future warning us what will happen if Obama becomes president. It makes my stomach turn and really pisses me off. Initially when I first heard of this, I didn't pay it too much mind. But as I stew on it, I get more and more angry with these people.

The precursor to their letter from 2012 starts with a few things that almost hint at comedy.

An analysis by Focus on the Family Action shows it would not be a pretty picture:
Far-left liberals could hold a 6-3 majority on the U.S. Supreme Court.
The nation's highest court could rule same-sex "marriage" is a constitutional right — in all 50 states.
Preaching from the Bible could be banned from radio and television.
States may not be able to restrict abortion, and taxpayers could be forced to fund abortions.
In several states, it could be illegal to own a gun.
Think it can't happen?

Then comes the link for the letter from the future. This letter warns us to vote for McCain with this: The letter starts off by saying, “Many Christians voted for Obama – Younger evangelicals actually provided him with the needed margin to defeat John McCain – but they didn’t think he would really follow through on the far-Left policies that had marked his career. They were wrong.”

It is in PDF form and it is currently making my laptop stink to high heaven of hellfire.
Here is the link:

Based on the letter, FOCUS ON THE FAMILY figures the following will happen in the future:

- The Supreme court leans liberal, 6 to 3.
- Terrorist attacks have occurred in 4 US cities.
- Christian doctors, nurses, counselors, and teachers have either been fired or quit.
- Iran perpetrated a nuclear attack on Israel, drastically reducing the size of its borders.- Pornography is freely displayed.
- Inner city violent crime has dramatically increased due to gun control.
- Russia has occupied 4 additional countries.
- Gas tops $7 a gallon.- Euthanasia becomes commonplace.
- Blackouts occur throughout the country.
- Homosexual marriage becomes law in all 50 states.
- Campus ministries, Christian adoption agencies and Christian schools nearly cease to exist.
- Home school families emigrate to Australia and New Zealand by the thousands.
- Bush officials are jailed and bankrupt.
- Taliban-like oppression overtakes Iraq and death of American sympathizers reaches millions.
- Homosexuals are given a bonus to enlist in the military.

I like the idea of Bush and all of his homeboys going bankrupt.
Maybe it isn't time to use the old GODDAMN. But I think that I am going to have to meditate for a little bit and figure out what kind of verbal assault FOCUS ON THE FAMILY needs.

To believe in Christ means to be a Christian. To be a Christian in this nation means to be associated with bigots like FOCUS ON THE FAMILY. I have some faith, but I can't afford to put it down like that. I can't risk throwing my lot in with these people. The second I admit to anyone that I am a "Christian" I get lumped in with a bunch of serious assholes.

Am I denying Christ before my fellow man? No, I am just in a real paradox.

And I don't see myself waking up to go to church on Sunday morning anytime soon.