Friday, October 12, 2007

Radio Silence (to Todd)

Here is a pic of my Dad last year at Veronica's wedding rehearsal. This is more how I remember him of late. Sincere but distracted. Sharp yet wounded. Tired and determined. All of these things. Most recently, it has been a situation where the ailments have gotten between our communications of the world and the spirits within it. The conversations have been more of a hard-sell on whether he was going to eat his lunch or not. They have also been the research into whether he's already had his meds for the day or not. He would ask me about my job, and I would explain that I was on satanical. He would laugh. Then he would ask me about my job again.


Yeah, I have been scarce of late.

Lots of things on the go.

So...My father died 2 days ago after a bitter year-long, all-out war with cancer.

We all saw it coming. I had been spending a lot of time with him and monitoring his slippage down the mountain called survival.

The family is starting to strike an orbit around Marina California and there are a lot of duties. My cellphone is blowing up nonstop. There are also babies who need to be consoled in regards to the loss of Grandpa. There are siblings who are processing this whole thing. Then there is Mom, who has been so damn tough through this whole thing.

We all miss him.

If ever there was a magnificent bastard, he was my old man.

I'll be back around.