Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Last Round of Summer Pix

Yeah, a busy summer here. I have been snapping the odd pic, and I am bringing them to you with the little statements. Slacker photojournalism. Here goes...

This piece of birthday cake looked like a photo waiting to happen with the three upturned strawberries. Notice the Scarface sticker on the laptop. All of the PS2 skins are on blowout because the XBOX 360 and the PS3 have everyone's attention. I am pretty much in a PS2 por vida space. I have no idea what is going to pull 500 bones out of my pocket to get on with next gen. It sure isn't the games library currently offered though.

This is the top of the hill that I have been mountain biking just about every day with at least one of my brood. The Moss Landing smokestacks were visible this day, and that is why I took the pic. A wonderful view. The cellphone doesn't capture the true beauty or it, nor does it record my incessant panting from the blitz up the hill.

I poured a scotch with strawberries in it. Then I topped the drink off with water. Yes, it sounds weak and frou-frou, but it was BOMB. Then I proceeded to fall asleep watching CITY OF LOST CHILDREN with L-Dogg. He fell asleep too. I don't know how Casson at one time said that this was his favorite movie. That was the third time I have blacked out watching that trash. Three strikes and the film is OUT.

Oak worm moths/caterpillars have taken over. This is a poor tree in the Toys R Us parking lot. You can see some of the webbing on it. This town is beginning to look like KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS. Those little caterpillars are really pushing it. When you catch one and squeeze him by the head, he doesn't even give you a satisfying death spasm. He just goes limp, because he knows that there will be about three or four million to take his place. There are so many in the trees that you can hear their dung dropping. Millions of the little things defecating at all times of the day. I was outside under a tree on a conference call and heard all of this tinkling. Then I realized I was in a true shitstorm.

I forced the babies to ride across the Boardwalk on the lift last Saturday. What intrigues me the most is the fact that the merry-go-round rings are on the tops of all of these buildings. What also intrigues me is that no one looks up at you. Yet you are watching them.

More rings.

I cut my finger on what I think was part of a wine glass. Here are two shots. Now there is no sign that I even hurt myself at all.

Lift shot of the ocean. The Pacific was beautiful, and cooling with its natural air conditioning. No avection cloud, just the nice breeze of the ocean. Moss Landing is in the distance, but once again, the cameraphone ain't really cutting it.

More overhead shots of the people below. I absolutely love the Boardwalk. I own their souls.

Here is L-Dogg, after a ride to the top of the hill and then down to the park for some shade and some water.

Yzzy makes the best smoothies. Fok Jamba Juice. Yzzy has it all on lock. Sure it looks like brains, but it is a "nice refreshing drink."

We went to breakfast at Chamanade last Sunday morning. That is my bike to the left. If you squint, you can see the Scarface sticker on it too.

Me and the Eyeball on the Giant Dipper last Saturday. Yzzy and Luther are in the car in front.

Shot of the outside of the Boardwalk, taken from the Doubleshot line. 125 feet to the top at a ridiculous speed. It always owns me.

This is Yzzy, working her way to the top of the hill.

A different day, Luther is working his way up, and Yz is behind him. It is just a matter of time before they start beating me to the top.

Another shot from the top. Another attempt at Moss Landing, which was visible.
The other direction from the top of the hill. Trees everywhere. Santa Cruz is the spot.

Yzzy after the hill run, at the park.

Blown radiator hose. Ivan and Luther helped me push it for about 3 blocks. Then I got the towjob. Hector is working hard. I caught a ticket tonight for 72 in a 55. That officer was low-balling it.
The beach in Monterey, before I went to one of my many jacked up meetings at the courthouse. I don't know who that is out on the sand there, but I obviously stole their soul.

At work, there is this sign telling me to recycle. It says underneath the part that says "no trash," "Yo dude, paper towels are trash." Totally patronizing me. So I recycled the sign.

Ivan while he was "it" in a game of tag at the park. He was holing up in this tube, baiting us all to get closer.

He would bait us to get closer and out would come the hand.

A round of scooter tag. That bush between Ivan and Yzzy is prickly as hell. Luther just takes the prickles to get away.

Ivan working his way up the hill.

Ivan at the park.

Ivan and Yzzy at the park. when they would stay with me on days that I was working, i would take them here at lunchtime. Then we would play a violent, sweaty game of tag in the heat of the day. Some days my legs would be so sore from the serious sprinting and slipping that I would do that I would limp around at night. That, coupled with my cardio set at Gold's has really been part of my summer workout. Both of them complained of being sore too. But it has been a lot of fun. On slower days, we would throw the frisbee. Yzzy is a pro. Ivan? Well, I would rather he threw to Yzzy than me at this point.

A different shot of the park. I must add that NO ONE is ever there. This makes it our own space.

This is a hill that we tend to run down at the park. Luther was chasing me full tilt and my leg slipped and I took a serious tumble. He was tumbling after me. He tagged me at the bottom of the hill. I tagged him back and limped outta there.

Another shot of the beautiful Santa Cruz beach. I have no idea who that guy is looking at me. He now knows that I stole his soul though.

An example of Boardwalk traffic. Global warming put this day well into the 80s. My entourage of souls.
Ivan at the park.

The water fountain. If we were a little more primitive, we would probably worship the thing.

Beautiful shots from the courthouse. I had to find some beauty in this hellish situation