Sunday, July 29, 2007

Even More Summer Pix

I have a blog about pissing all over a message board coming up. Those bitches asked for it, and I feel my catharsis...but for now, you need an update on this magnificent summer.

Luther, fiercely anonymous, yesterday afternoon on the Giant Dipper. They were running two cars at once. That line didn't mean jack. The girl behind us screamed obnoxiously so. I didn't have the guts or heart to tell her to shut up.

The Beach outside of the Boardwalk. it was hopping, and I took this shot from our place in the Doubleshot lineup. Some day I will have the balls to take the camera and film the whole episode. But I really don't want to lose my cameraphone at this point.

All of the people on the beach yesterday. It was beautiful. Some afternoon, I am gonna take my shirt off and do the volleyball thing in the sun all day. Buncha fucking poseurs.

An idea of the crowds we were dealing with yesterday. It was packed. It was the busiest that I have ever seen the Boardwalk.

I took IJ to a junkyard that I have seen in Watsonville for years. I drove up and asked for the special tour. They initially said no, but upon looking at who I was escorting, they took us for a tour.

The car graveyard. Fucking beautiful.

The Moss Landing Power Stax bled into the real clouds last week.

Eggs, pasta and sausage. A superior lunch for Luther. Back off.

A burrito with some pork chop that I BBQ'd a bit ago. Mushrooms, onions, potato, tomato and queso also. Back off.

Yzzy know what it is all about. I can make some mean pasghetti these days.
Back off.

Mid-scooter tag. In front of the neighbors. The neighbor has an old-school Mustang, but it ain't as cool as mine.

IJ getting some speed on the Razor. I own that kid with the Fusion scooter though. We have been playing a lot of tag of late.

My burrito, carrots, salsa and vino.
Back off.

Cars piled at the lot previously mentioned. I am reminded of the day that I was in a junkyard with Jake (looking for Mini partz). He found a book/journal written by some guy entering sobriety. Jake said that the information was valuable on the creative writing tip. I know he never followed through on it, but he is a perpetual am I.

That is a Cadillac Eldorado at the bottom of this pile.

Stacked, smashed cars lie this will always amaze me.

Yzzy, trapped before the Fireball. Not so much as trapped, but there she is nonetheless.

The park that I drag them to at lunchtime when they are with me during the workweek. There is a house at the top of that hill...but you can't see it here really. Click on the picture, and it will zoom for you a bit.

I forgot my cameraphone the day we found a snake down there. I made that snake suffer just a bit. What snake shouldn't? He was snapping at the stick that I was holding to move him with. Every time he snapped, I gave him a rap on his forehead with that very stick. he eventually got the message. What garter snake is out there snapping at sticks? My father theorized that this thing may have been a escaped exotic pet. Dammit camera. Oh well, your loss.

Ivan plays this game called "camera tag." Two people with cameras, shooting each other. Something that was impossibly expensive when I was a kid.
Corn and pasta. The pasta is mid-douse in the sauce. The meal was bomb BTW.

Ivan. Proof that the previous meal was bomb. Look at those eyes. Homeboy is content.

IJ on the Fireball. The ride lost electricity at one point. Fortunately we were at the end of it all. Imagine if it had lost power when we were at the top at mid-swing? Our power outage happened in the last few swings, and it was for about 10 minutes. We were the second to last ride of the night.
I will put out something of substance later.