Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I learned something funny from one of my students years ago. That kid's name was Michael Montegue. I remember the name because I was teaching Romeo and Juliet at the time. Mike was a slacker. He did nothing but talk. In fact, he never shut up. I failed him hardcore. I also confiscated a video from him while he was in my class called, "Anal Plumbers." The video confiscation story is a good one. Maybe I will tell it someday.

One day, Mike came into class with his front teeth all silvered out. He had taken a gum wrapper and made himself a grill. I thought it was hilarious. I wonder how I went through my life and never came across this until I was over 30.

So whenever I work with tinfoil, I make a grill. The kids do too. Sometimes, the tinfoil cuts the gums and leaves sore in the mouth for the next day. It is a price to pay I guess, to flash teeth this dope.

We were rocking them last night. Check it:

Good times for all. Maybe I will have them done for real someday.