Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun Pix

This pic is dope, straight up.

There is this site that I go to from time to time. They have a random pictures page. You can put whatever you want to up there. Outside of a bunch of strange nudity all sorts of racist, misogynist, homophobic photography and a bestiality pic, there is some gold. It is on a video games board, and I am sure that the average posting age of anyone on that site is probably about 13. The pic above of the Walker is one that I swooped from there. So are the rest in today's blog except the candid Ferdinand shot.

So I loading this pic below up and gave it to them. I don't think that they got it at all. It scared the living hell out of me when i was 11 or 12 and in Woolworth's on Alvarado Street in downtown Monterey. How these guys got away with this album cover is still beyond me:

And in the last post, I tried to attempt some L33T speak. I have no skills, but this pic is hilarious. Everyone I show it to wrinkles their nose and says that it is disgusting. I just think that the audacity of the thing is worth every guffaw I muster when I see it:

And then there is just the plain cynical:

Oh, and I sold Ferdie about 2 weeks ago to a guy who was sleeping in his friend's backyard in a tent. He was hyped to get a room on wheels. I went to see him about a week later and he was already working on the rust. We were kindred spirits he and I. Our life stories are both about the same. Even with a history in radio to boot. Both of us are feeling our own personal holocausts and both of us are rebuilding our lives out of whatever the hell the last 15 years were.

Here is a peace out shot of Ferdie. I also have video footage of the last time she was towed. It was a night that I really needed her to perform and she couldn't do it for me. It was official that it was time to peace her out, before I went all sledgehammer on her. I made the decision then and there that it was going to be the last tow, and it was.