Sunday, May 27, 2007

Cellphone Antics Revisited

I am notorious for pulling out the cellie and shooting pictures of everything. I have some shots that are less poignant than these, but they capture beauty. Like, the beauty of this area. Maybe I will put them up, maybe I won't. I am no Leibovitz, and this is no real camera. However, I am treating it like I treated cameras when I was in summer camp as a kid. I treat it as a thing with unlimited ammo.
Since she made me take down K DA FO part 1, here is a shot of a conscious Yzzy.

I took this with a flash last Tuesday night. If you were so inclined, you could click on the picture, zero in on the speedometer and determine that I am driving at about 70mph. I wonder what the car looked like from the outside?

This is a cellphone shot of my comp screen that I was going to send to Casson in regards to his "links" blog. I even clicked "send" from the phone, but it failed. I have bad Verizon at the house.

Safeway today. Shopping for my weekly chicken. I looked at this sign and filled in the blank with my own dirty mind. I don't think that it was that much of a reach.

'Cept mine. This older manager was looking at me suspiciously as I shot this in Safeway. I guess he didn't want me taking a pic of his nuts.