Thursday, April 12, 2007


Scooter Tag.
It works like this: The person on the scooter is it. Stay out of their way. Thing is, you kind of want to be it, so you can ride the scooter. It makes for a new twist in an old game. No helmets, no blood. I even grabbed a neighbor kid and got him in the mix. He came with a scooter, so it was 2 on 2. By that time, I was completely winded. I played this so much that my calf eventually sproinged and I had to gangster-limp for a few days.

I like Target and all, but what the hell is this? Is it a fertility halo? Do you hold this over her head? Do you hold it over his head? How many are you gonna have? I need instructions plzthx. Whatever the case, it is an obscene celebration of juevos in an aisle of Target that doesn't exist anymore.

Dave was the grillman. Those are Casson's and Uncle Bob's feet. I put the hurt on that tri-tip.

Uncle Bob is off camera to the left; that is his leg supported by his hands. Casson, Anna and Dave the grillman in the background. I pretty much held this spot down as long as I could. You will be able to tell by the next pic.

Total cast change, same spot. Aunt Shirley, Veronica and Anna again. Uncle Bob and Dave the grillman are in the background blowing up the spot.