Friday, April 06, 2007


This was no pose. I just shot it. It sure looks posed though. That fridge has been getting as lot of work. I lost my BATES MOTEL shotglass in the process. Probably a good thing. After a few shots out of a Bates Motel shotglass, anything can happen, anyone can die and anyone can sound like your mother.

I just took this one too. It looks like a pose though. The Space Race is cool. We plow into each other...HARD. There was this hefty guy in there who was plowing into people (including myself) and forcing them to catch air. There is some sort of pysics explanation about all of that weight in motion on a horizontal level bringing some finesse to impact, but I just can't work my brain around it right now. Something like this:
A) I weight 180 lbs. I am in a 200 lb vehicle and I am moving at 7 mph.

B) Hefty guy weighs close to 300 lbs. He is in a 200 lb vehicle moving at 7 mph.

A= How the hell does his impact mean more? Because it takes more energy to stop his onslaught of bulk?

A collection of Boardwalk day passes. I think I have 8 now.
Casson has a cheap shot about these passes. I forget how he put it. I'll let him figure it out.

There is something about that Moss Landing power plant that will always pull at me. Perhaps it is the melancholy. Perhaps I have driven by that thing when my heart has been wrent too many times. I dunno. This evening though, in the darkness with the babies, it wasn't so bad.