Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ferdie getting hit on

Ferdinand is for sale. Lotsa tire-kickers...and the following email:

i have a 1962 vw bug named herbie he got very exicted about Ferdinand he would like to meet her 4 a date

I have no idea wtf this means. Should I respond? Who says that Ferdie is on the market for a relationship with a dork named Herbie? I'll bet that momma's bug has the 53 sticker on the side too. Trying to live off of his celebrity of yesteryear. There is also this other fact that all reading this post and beyond need to realize, internalize and accept.

Peter Demmon > Dean Jones

Ferdinand is middle-aged and doesn't want some dirty old, burnt out ex-Disney loser drooling over her. Ferdie has class.

Plus, if she were into the little Herbie? He couldn't handle all of the woman that Ferdie is. She would tear his little ass APART.