Thursday, March 29, 2007


(guess which voice is mine)

hello all
all BS aside here is my little speech
I work for Blockbuster and have been tasked with signing up people to
the blockbuster version of netflix, now i am not having a very good week
so my numbers are not where they need to be so i am posting on movie, dvd fansite boards the offer that blockbuster has....
visit the website
enter the promo code 36086b
start selecting movies that will be mailed right to your home
then return those movies to a blocbuster store (over 4000 participating)
and they will give you a free rental just for returning an online rental to the
now if you like the program fine, keep going they have different plans
some as cheap as $5.99 but if you don't want to pay then don't cancel the
membership before the 2 weeks are up. It tells you when it will start billing (look under the my account tab) so cancel before that date. Thanks for reading.

Fred, sorry you are having a bad week. But dude, you are in the wrong business. Read on:

Hi, I am here to say FOK BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE.

I signed up for that shit when it first started and the DVDs took at least a week to arrive. Stuff got lost in the mail and I never got what I wanted. They chased me around for weeks for a DVD that they lost in their warehouse. Then, 4 weeks later, they told me that they had found the DVD...after stretching me and making me feel like I had actually done something wrong.


I was a die-hard Blockbuster customer and I paid more than my share of late fees, but I was willing to do the online jump.

I am being honest here when I am telling you that I had no idea a big company could screw it up as much as they screwed it up.

Then, after 3 months of nonstop Blockbuster BS, I jumped to Netflix. That's right. I threw the Netflix switch in the rental machine.


All the sins that I accuse Blockbuster of are not apparent with Netflix. 2 day turnaround. I lose a movie? They mention that I shouldn't do it again and send me another one. I have peace of mind, and I get what I want, when I want it.

I don't even fokkin look at the Blockbuster when I drive by anymore. I don't care what their sales are, and I don't care what they give me out of the gate for me to sign-up. Blockbuster fumbled the ball. They had the world as their oyster and they soured their customer base by going OFF with the late fees and other overpriced bullshit. I am not the only one who feels this way. BLOCKBUSTER HURT THEIR CUSTOMER BASE BY CHASING THE DOLLAR TOO HARD. In their chasing of the dollar, they became inhuman. I put up with their inhumanity for a bit, but I eventually PEACED THEM BITCHES OUT.



You can buy previously viewed DVDs from Netflix CHEAPER than you can through BLOCKBUSTER.

BLOCKBUSTER is about making up ALL OF THAT CASH THEY LOST when people like me jumped ship.

Too late for you to let me slide on those late fees eh? FOK JOO.