Thursday, March 15, 2007


(*note: click on the pic if you ain't up to the squint)

My father used to have this reprint paperback on his shelf with the best of Creepy Magazine in it. Once he directed me to one of the stories in it. This story was about some guy named Bif Demmon who was a great hunter. Bif goes head to head with a werewolf at the end. Beautiful stuff. As a punk kid, I registered 2 things: Frank Frazetta art and comic books.

It later became the holy grail for me to get my hands on the actual issue. Research later proved that the issue in question was Creepy #1.

Casson and I chased it down for years and eventually gave it to my father for father's day one year. Recently, I pried the story from him about it all. It is a fun one. Apparently he had this roomate who was a little on the fanboy side. This guy actually had a homemade Superman suit in the bathroom of their apartment at one point.

Time wore on, they went their separate ways. Thing was that this guy was an artist, and was connected to Frank Frazetta. Turn of favors and consequences, and this guy eventually writes my father into this story that showed up in Creepy #1 (I'm talking about the early '70s, people). The story is dope. It is basic. It is the standard "you killed the monster, so now you are the monster" fare. But I dig it.

Boo on blogspot for not letting me post all panels of the thing. I will put the last panel up and back-time it so it shows up right after this post.

Bif Demmon FTW.