Thursday, December 14, 2006

WMP 11 top 10

Enough of this, "My father is on his deathbed" isht. Time to change it up before I go loco and start drinking double Dewars like there is no tomorrow.

In celebration of Windows Media Player 11, I have my top 10 songs that are in my "Quick Work Mix" posted here for your perusal. I call it my "Quick Work Mix" because I have been working from home of late. So I fire up the laptop, and I click on the aforementioned shortcut and then I get to work making the tests that you fail.

Here they are. Please feel free to tell me how bad these songs suck and make suggestions. Music for me is a completely organic thing that could mean that you love one song one day and hate it when that season comes to a close. I will try to explain what these songs mean to me as well. Casson turned me onto some MEW the other day, and for the life of me, I can't crack it yet. It will happen, but right now, I am at a total loss for those tracks. This is how I usually work it though, I get new music, and I bounce it to the top of my work mix and I get down accordingly. As you can see by the next 10 songs, I haven't been in the loop for a bit, but that doesn't mean that I don't push up on the here and now, I just haven't got any that is on my radar right now.
I must say that a special mention has to go to KORN who have DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE and WORD UP and TWISTED TRANSISTOR in slots 11, 12 and 13 respectively.

Sorry Jake, I know I suck.

I have liked this song forever. It grooves hard. The bass slappage makes it a keeper. We all know that Infectious Grooves isn't to be taken too seriously, and this song shows me that they could be taken seriously if they stopped talking about the "Plague That Makes Your Booty Move". Dare I say, it is catchier than the Led Zep?

This ditty reminds me of back when Luther was first born and we were moving into a duplex inj Nanaimo BC. I threw Luther in the bath and put SARSIPPIUS' ARK on. I know that if he were to listen to this album in its entirety right now he would have a lethal case of Deja Vu,

There is no justification for my liking of this little jam. It is about 4 pieces of pop-rock tripe mixed down into one fun piece of soundtrack history that is sooooo maany month old. The Samuel Jackson sample that doesn't show up in the movie is great. When Sam finally said, "That's it, I've had it with these motherf*cking snakes..." He is rather sedated. In this song though, he is about to totally lose it.

"So kiss me goodbye/honey I'm gonna make it out alive"

Sounds like someone is going to war, que no?

This is another oldie. This is one of the most melancholy pieces of pop that I know. It also signifies the return of DD after a lame hiatus. It is good stuff. The actual meaning of it all is about 10 years in the past when I was really struggling with hatred for a family member. I went in and through the other side. I learned to hate, and I learned to forgive. It was intense. I am not going to put the individual's name here, because none of that stuff matter anymore. I learned a lot during that season, and this song was the backdrop.

This is a little comedy piece about a band that has some serious interpersonal issues. All of these issues come to a head with a bizarre piece of feedback that keeps on showing up throughout the track. After a profanity laden series of feedback mishaps, the singer throws the mic down and leaves the soundroom. It is funny, it is course and I have been laughing to it since I was about 15.

I just found this CD at the house. It is BIGGER THAN THE DEVIL the 1999 outing by S.O.D. This is a reference to the previous thing I mentioned. It is polished and it is the hook done right, no feedback, no profanity and it crunches like fok.

Yeah, there is no excuse for this whatsoever. It is here, and it is a reference to this new neighborhood I live in. It may be the only thing that BODY COUNT ever did that was worthwhile.

If you don't own SHOVEL HEADED KILL MACHINE, you are totally missing on the highest level of superior modern speed metal. These guys don't slip. This song is tight, tight, tight. It is groovy at the same time. You could sweet-talk a full-blown hood-rat into ANYTHING with this pulsing out of your little Kenmore speakers. EXODUS only has one original member left, but this is the direction that I would choose to go in. The new SLAYER album was a complete joke and forced me to go on a serious hip-hop and jazz binge to cleanse myself of it. Yes, I recently bought a Slayer sticker, but I really haven't got the stomach to put it anywhere. What I need is an EXODUS sticker, t-shirt and tattoo. THIS ALBUM IS WHERE IT IS AT. OMG, if I wasn't writing what was in my playlist RIGHT NOW, I would bump the rest of the album up for spots 8, 9 and 10.

There is no reason why this band should go any further than they have. No one knows both Metallica and the Beatles. It just doesn't happen. SO with that being said, I must be a slight anomaly, because I know Metallica well and the Beatles I know by default. This song makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It is an excuse to talk mess about Madonna and throw in a miasma of disjointed Metallica lyrics. Lotsa fun. It also has the infamous "What the fuck do you think you're doing?" quote that Madonna threw out to all of the people who were downloading her stuff a bit ago. They take that thing (which they probably didn't have to pay for) and they mix it DOWN. This is a groovy track that I hum incessantly.
How ridiculous.

If you don't know Khayree or YBB records, let me school you for a bit:
Khayree is the best producer for gangster beats out there BAR NONE. Dr. Dre has nothing on this man. 415 is the album that put him on the radar. MAC MALL's ILLEGAL BUSINESS put him on the map. I still think he is the best thing going on period, and I don't think he has put anything out in years. This comes from the CONSTANT DRAMA album, but if you are actually taking me seriously, you should get THE BLACKILATION which is one of the most positive gangster rap albums I have ever wrapped my ears around. Eric, this little hip-hop kid in one of my classes really made this clear to me by saying that it was the "only album that had ever touched his heart". It is the sweetness. My CD copy is on backorder with Amazon. I still have the tape though.

Ok, ASPHALT JUNGLE is that lazy RAY LUV delivery that we all love. It also has samples from MENACE 2 SOCIETY and SUPERFLY in it. The samples make it all work. The beats are solid, and RAY LUV'S history lesson underneath it all grab me by the chest and make me angry and reflective at the same time. This stuff is the hard stuff.

This is some good, top tier stuff right here. 2 plus minutes of serious scratching and sampling of stuff you have never heard.

I am telling you, there is so much stuff in this track that you will be dizzy. Multiple listenings show how he gives hints of the beat changes in the previous track minutes before it actually happens. This stuff is complicates and smooth, smooth, smooth. What? You can't find it? Gimme your email address and I will yousendit to you, because you are missing out.