Thursday, December 07, 2006

Casino Royale revisited

I had a conversation with Casson today trying to sway him in the direction of the new Bond film. He wasn't down. I thought that i hated that Bond bitch, but Casson is more firmly entrenched in his all out hatred of said prick than I ever was.

Note: Bond is ripped.
Note: Daniel Craig is 6 foot tall and my age.
Note: This is the only time I have ever thought that a Bond might be able to take me in an actual physical showdown in real life. And I was curling 75s yesterday and benched the 205 until I had to holster it on my own because I had no spotter. I'll betcha the new Bond does more.

I have been running some conversation online with some heads. This is a cut-and-paste of that conversation. I'll post something a little more worthwhile in a bit...but for you Bond doubters out there, this is for you.

And for the record, I have NO PATIENCE for any other Bond than this prequel that is out in the theatres today. NO PATIENCE. I will never go see them, they are not at the bottom of my Netflix queue...NO. NEVER. Furthermore, I will not be seeing any of the next CRAIG movies either. This movie explains it all, and leaves it at is only downhill from here...

Read on, if you care:

SampleandHold wrote:

millionairemick wrote:

Sorry if there's already a thread on this but has anyone seen it yet? I went to see it on Saturday, and the cinema was compleatly packed, according to the guy working there every single showing from friday morning was completely sold out.

Daniel Craig gets my thumbs up as a bond, I know a lot of people were dubious, but I like him.

The worst thing about the movie *spoiler warning*

No gadgets, no Q, the DBS gets wrecked after 2 min. Holy F*ck, why the hell would they destroy that car! That is just cruel, why would someone do that to me And the DB5, greatest bond car ever, was only on screen for like 5min.


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Actually, the worse part of the film was the rampant commercialism in the from advertisement. I have never seen so many shots of brand names on cars in a movie in my life. The film also protrays women and minorities poorly as well. Why is it in just about every bond movie I see, there is always some connection to an African rebel group who is on the bad side. I can not think of a bond movie where there was a good black person in them. Can some one give an example of one? Also the women where oversexualized as well, but that is a bond stable, I guess. But this is from reading the film. This is what happens when you take a film class and you start to see all the hidden messages that are in the film. Plus, they always make something explode that would never ever explode in real life. The bus explodes? Really? How? All it did was get hit at the joint of the extension. I am pretty sure there is no fuel in that section of the bus. And if such a fault did occur, I think there would have been a recall.

The chase scene was pretty cool at the start... A little over the top though, but I could let that go. When the bus blew, I checked out. Just like one of the other films I saw where Bond was being chased by snowmobiles and every time they hit a tree, they exploded. I mean come on.



Muphukka says:

Bond has always been about cars and misogyny. This film stepped it up a bit. Bond has never had race issues in check. Bond is always the great white hope.

What I dug about it all was that it was a prequel.

"This did for the Bond franchise what Batman Returns did for the Batman franchise"
That is one of the closest pieces of truth I have read in this thread.

Bond has always been a dick. A misogynist, hard-drinking dick. The women throw themselves at him and half-drunk, he saves the world. I have hated Bond forever. HATED. I have tried to like the sonofabitch, but I haven't ever been able to buy into it.

They knew this when they put this one together. They had to show HOW HE BECAME SUCH A DICK.


Bond has his eggs cracked both literally and metaphorically. He has the torture and he has his heart broken. I have NEVER seen a protagonist in any film take a ball-cracking torture like that. Specifically JAMES FOKKING BOND. Bond has always been an untouchable, walking on water bastard. So much more do I hate the man, because he never takes a bruising. Not this time. There is a scene after a scrape-up at an airport, where his face looks like scraped meat-loaf.

This film is about the HUMANIZATION OF BOND.

The chase scene at the beginning was a simple homage to both ONG-BAK and DISTRICT B-13. With both of those films under my belt and watching this corker of an opener, I had no choice but to LOVE it.

The only issue I have with the film is the card playing. My GOD, how can they make a game of cards exciting? Well, if he is snapping necks and defibulating himself and having clothed showers with his love interest of course.


But I don't need to see anymore. I now know why he is an why watch more of that stuff happen? I get the gist of it. Anything that explains any more about his transformation into asshat Brosnan is going to be more than I can take.

Yeah, I said it.