Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Her name is Hector.

Pics from October 11 and 12.

Behind the wheel of Hector.

Notice Ferdinand in the background.

"What, punk?"

Checking my drawers before I roll out.

Saying good morning to Hector.

Me and John, the dude who is working this deal.

This shot is so gangster that I need to go take a cold shower.

This is me back when I was about 20. The fuzziness is because this was taken by one of those disc cameras. Casson and I ran around Marina shooting ourselves silly. The bulk of the pictures should never see the light of day, but this should give you an idea of my frame of mind back then. Note the Milli Vanilli braids. You think those braids were funny? I should come forward in time from that point and kick your ass.

Let me tell you that Hector drinks a lot of gasohol. 35 bucks fills the tank, but when you have a .351 under your hood (stock? wtf is that? stock is for teh ghey) you drink like a fish.

I had Luther, Yz and the Eyeball in that thing tonight. I put it up to 90 mph in takedown bursts on Blanco road. It is so low to the ground that I really need both hands on the wheel. If the road changes a bit? I'M CATCHING AIR. I have to land that sucker on the regular.
Yzzy is into the coolness of it. She likes to enjoy the speed and the moment. I could see in her eyes that she was taking the moment down so that she could tell other people her experience.
Ivan is a screamer. "WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Is what I was getting out of that kid as I did a takedown on a silly 2006 white Ford truck. I couldn't tell what else was going on back there, but it was loud and thrashing, whatever it was.
Luther barely had his pulse flicker. He had been in "one of these cars before". Old news. Old hat. No big deal. I told him (jokingly) that if it was so boring, then maybe he should walk. He understood where I was coming from and I think his heartbeat suffered a murmur or maybe he was just sighing.

Hector is all power. Step too hard on the gas and you will leave a patch and go sideways. Most of my in-town driving is merely keeping the thing in drive. I had to go to the studio today at work, and I wrestled my way from downtown Monterey back to the office. I had this distict feeling of "start/stop" when I got back to my desk. I felt like I had been in a sea-vessel or something. My equilibrium was off. Damn, technically, I feel it now. It is a feeling that I have been holding the leash of a terrible animal. It is tiring, and it sets a pace for me. It is tiring...but I LIKE IT.

20 years ago, I was on the market for a car. I test drove a few Mustangs then. My master plan was a Mustang, but I got sidetracked by a sexxxy '70 Ford Torino. I am a sucker for that .302 engine. Probably a good thing I went for the Torino, because the drunken wreck I was in with that thing would have killed me if I had been in a Mustang. It definitely would have killed Mike Frazier, who only put his head almost through my windshield in the Torino. My corpse would probably have Barbie's teeth in the back of its skull. Barbie would have never married Robbie and Timor would still be a mystery to all.
I am back on the market yo. Hector is mad sexy. It is late, I need to pay more attention to this blog and stop posing for pictures.

Whatever, I'll get back to this as more shows up.