Friday, August 25, 2006

A piece of daily violence.

An image I saw last week that I have to trascribe:

In the back of the vanpool at about 7:30 AM, the East Indians were arguing with the Hispanics about who had discovered the zero. The Hispanics were swearing it was some old Aztec manuever. One of the East Indians countered with the possibility that an Indian might have crossed an ocean and brought it to them.

Me? I was keeping my eyes on the road. I have a lot to think about these days.

Then I saw it.

In the oncoming traffic lane, there was a big dog. This dog was a German Shepherd or even bigger sized. This dog was rolling in front of a truck. My moment of seeing this happen was obviously after the initial impact. Oncoming traffic was moving at about 50 to 60 MPH (Highway 68, bitches). This dog was rolling in front of the bumper of the van, and sort of being pushed and bounced along. The dog's legs were flailing. Flailing like the limbs of a corpse that has has been disturbed violently. The motions were unnatural. The dog was in no position to control itself. Then I saw the tires bite. The takedown. I saw the dog go under. What I saw next is part 1 of what what haunted me. The dog exploded. Mind you, I am just focusing on something that happened within the space of a second or less. There was a pop. A mist. A thin showerey spray from the Dog's head, and another dash of thin liquid in the air from what I would guess would be the rectum. These dashes of liquid in the air were very much like the spray ou of the nozzle of a Windex bottle...only much more colorful. Understand that this is how my brain computed wtf I was viewing in that fraction of a second. When one is faced with that which they normally don't see, the sight takes on shapes and definitions that would normally be alien.

At this point I had passed the scene and I was now watching it in my side view mirror. I saw the dog somehow bounce to the side of the road. It was the corpse throw. A limp, sloppy skidding to the shoulder. The dog was meaty and intact. The second part that haunts me still is that whoever hit that sucker did not even tap their brake lights. They just kept it rolling.

You know, we ponder violence all the time. To see something that violent and heartless go down first thing in the morning really got to me.

"Who gives a damn about a zero? I just saw a dog get smoked!" I said, wide-eyed.