Friday, August 18, 2006

The Kid From Brooklyn

This guy I'm about to turn you onto is funny. I guess he just videos his rants whenever he feels like it. The barrage of profanity that you must endure will give you one of two reactions.

1. You will embrace it. The reason why is that you have probably been down this road before. If you have been down the "extreme usage of the f-word for comedic purposes" road, you will probably embrace it. You have heard this kind of comedic discharge in the past and you understand the logic behind it all. You recognize that some people indeed talk this way, and you recognize the fact that the presentation is a caricature as well as a true representation of the speaker at the same damn time.

2. You will cower away from it in disgust. This is a natural reaction BTW. I remember when I first listened to the Jerky Boys back in the 90s. That stuff was RAW. It was a blistering potpourri of profanity and strange sexual allegations coupled with street violence and pathetic racial stereotypes. Initially, I cowered. Initially, I was slightly disturbed. But the thing about it was that it was DAMN FUNNY. I also remember stepping out of the first showing of the movie "CLERKS" back in Victoria BC. Adrian, the guy I was rolling with at the time, was merely wrapping his brain around the plot of the film. We were standing outside the theatre and one of the many women who wanted to bed Adrian down walked up and talked nonstop about how offended she was by all of the profanity in the film. She couldn't believe how bad the language was. For her it had been a mindblowing experience. Her eyes were lit up with the frenzy of a person who had just escaped death. She was cowering in disgust.

The kid from Brooklyn is this old opinionated man. This old opinionated man delivers. Furthermore, there is an underlying message of truth.

Here is his rant on Starbucks, which IMHO is the cream of the crop.

If you found that one worthwhile, then you need to see the one where he discusses his use of profanity and the value of the f-word.

This stuff is genius.

Check out his bio. This man needs to be in some movie as a foul-mouthed grandfather or something. I am sure that is what he always wanted.