Thursday, January 05, 2006

I up files 1

To beef this spot up off the bat, I am moving all of my other files into this place. There is some stuff there worthwhile. There is some stuff there that isn't. I will keep the moves lists out. But the rest is coming onboard. If you don't like video game musings...well, maybe you should start now...shouldncha, homeboy.

posted at 07/26/2005 11:47 AM EDT
Look, I already have my Tekken Skills. the problem is that Andrew and I have a showdown this coming weekend. He has been playing with the likes of Bronson and other Bay Area heads. (Bronson? The California champ who dumped Jinmaster with those 3 bitchass Nina moves)? I need to get my skills up. Yesterday was the basics. My Paul is a war machine. My Bryan just needs a little juggle tuning and then it is on there. Tonight, if I can get to it, I need to brush up King and Marduk. It sucks that I am limited to playing the computer, because the computer doesn't have the reaction time that the humans that I play have. Plus the computer breaks every damn grab that comes its way. whatever the case, I know that Andrew is GS whoring these days, and I need to practice
a) breaking that giant swing and
B) tech rolling out of it.
My King is stronger than his anydamnways. But if he gets in close, he is going to go for the giant swing.

I really don't think he is ready for the Marduk that I am going to bring him. I just don't think so. The last time we played and I busted out Marduk, he was all about T4 and not T5. the game is different now....WS moves will pwn. there is a lot more trickery with Marduk than before. Though I do miss that silly-ass slap move I used to do to finish a match. I'll get back to you on Marduk tomorrow. back to Bryan.

Slitherstep to the double hammer is something that I am going to be pushing. Slither stepping in general. i am going to have to use it for a distance closer. I think it hits mid. This is what I need. I have sort of worked the snake edge out of the game, and I need to throw it out more, especially when he brings his Hwoarang.

I also need to be able to drop that new b~f+2 on instinct. That is the whiff payment right there. Duckable unfortunately. I also want to start fishing for the hands of doom more. He doesn't duck the second one. If I play that right, it is like 80 dmg if I drop a mach fist onto the end of the juggle. Also, punch parry. I need to check and see if I am supposed to hit 2 or 1 after I bait it out. His Kazuya will eat his share of those.

Paul: I need to brush up on U.P and the demo man. I also need to throw out the qcf elbow more. I don't even try for that counterhit, and that really needs to start.

What else?
Aside from Tekken, I am on a real Midway Arcade Hits trip. I mean, I play Robotron whenever I can. Man, I used to own that game up in the arcade back in the day...but I just don't have it all like i used to. But the strats are coming back. The big one being that 100,000 points should be generated every 5 waves NO MATTER WHAT. Attack waves 9 and 19 screw me up completely. 100+ grunts on the screen, yeesh. I usually cut my way out to the ceiling, but these days, I am starting to look at the board in less of a pattern and more of an organic FUBAR situation. The game is completely unfair. It knows it too. I can get to the 4000 point humanoid, but then all hell breaks loose EVERY TIME I start looking for the 5th. The computer kickes it up a serious notch once I start racking up the points. If I make it to the Mikey wave, I am doing alright. I usually get torn at about wave 24. 600,000 is my all time best. I should be better than that.

Man I love Eugene Jarvis. Those little vids on the disc are the best. Talking about reaching down within you and finding the rage that you need to beat the game. What I would give to go back in time and listen to those guys as they plotted Defender and Robotron. I pulled a 160,000 point game on Defender last sunday. I was hanging on by one smart bomb and I accidentally blew out my last humanoid. man I love that game. I'll be back