Thursday, January 05, 2006


Look, my brother has been posting here for like 5 years or something. I was posting on this other site, but I felt like a total dork posting over there. The place is called Video game central. I won't tell you what handle I have there...I'll do you one better. I'll lift all of the stupid videogame trash that I had over there nad post it here. Dump the ex and move in with my new to speak. I have nothing to say at this point. Other than the fact that I downloaded King Kong and I am about to watch the third act. I guess I shouldn't be just putting that out in cyberspace right now...but WTVR. I have a lead on the Academy screener copy when they kick in the door, stuff will be legit. Because that is how I get down.

Another thing about this place is that I won't tell a damn soul about it. If you find this spot, well good for you. Seriously. Leave me a comment or something. But I ain't tripping. There is a lot of stuff going on and I need to process my thoughts...dear LORD there is a lot of stuff going on.

Kendy, I owe you an email. Just so you know that I know that you know.

Alex, me and you go and see MUNICH next monday. I'll buy a pack of Camels and we'll smoke in front of the Presbyterian church like we always do on movie night.

Luther, You are 13. But that doesn't mean that you can buy CDs with parental advisory stickers on them yet. Especially since most of those CDs tend to suck. Trust me son, I know.

Ysabel, Your email account is BREAKING ME AT WORK. How the hell are you sending me 25 emails a day? I love you to death, kid...but PUH-LEASE! These 1 sentence emails are breaking a Poppa.

Ivan, You conniving little trickster. How the hell are you coming around the house going "that's hella cool" and then changing it up to "Hecka cool"? You are six damn years old. I didn't learn that trick until I was in my 20s.

One more thing.
I had to get down and straight SCHOOL them at work today. I got an email from this one guy who was all telling me about Peter Jackson and how he directed horror movies in the past and he sent the "I kick ass for the Lord" clip. Like it was something freaking new. I had to turn around and copy everyone with the fact that I have my own copy of Dead Alive and that I had seen it 5+ times. I also mentioned the fact that the RAT MONKEY is referenced in King Kong and that I had ripped the scene. Then I attached the scene and sent it out on the big work email. I have to give MB his props though. Homeboy keeps up. He is down with the film on a level most are not.

My theory on Quentin Tarantino's success with Pulp Fiction hashed out in the Starbucks Drive-thru with the SS today:
"He was like a weird guy masturbating in a closet full of women's clothing. Then he comes out wearing all of this random female stuff and people gave him accolades."
Something like that.

Man...I have tons. I'll be back tomorrow. There are no bosses in the office PERIOD.

The rest of this post is TRASH FROM 1UP. If Video games aren't your bag. Then park your eyes and move on, pal.

I'll just do it as next post. Thsi stuff is long and drawn out.