Saturday, January 28, 2006

Casson, wassap mang

I told you I would write a blog for you, so here it is, punk. Hell yes, I even went into google pictures and found this pic of you online, you handsome bastid.

So I was in this meeting yesterday and you called. I had to make an excuse an meander out of there and talk to you. You told me that the blog busted out on you with the migraine status. So I changed the background as requested. I also made comments available for you. So you can now post random stuff as I have done for you.

No, I have not watched the T-REX scene in King Kong. Mebbe tonight. I know I always say mebbe tonight. And I make a point of saying "mebbe" the way I spell it here in homage to Marvel Two in One, specifically the Deathlok issue.

Dad was just here, and I was telling him how I have been up in here. He was curious. I mentioned that you were up in here too. he asked something about if I would feel weird or something if he checked it out. I said no. I actually think he should, since we reference that cat all the time in this piece.

Speaking of Dad, has he ever told you about his thing for Nabakov? You ever read any of his stuff? I know that Lolita is dismissed as trash, but I am about to take Nabakov completely out as a result of a 2 page New Yorker article that was flowed to me by a person who counts. Dad broke him down to me at a soccer game about 2 years ago and I skull-noted it. I have had a book at my desk at work for the past year. Every 3 months or so, Debbie the librarian gives me a call (extension 6663 you Demmons) and askes if I want to renew that trash. It is time to dive headlong into that thing.

Hope the NY weather is working for you. Hope the cantankerous crew is staying outta your bidniss.

The Constant Gardener was supposed to be here dice.

We got Neverending Story for the babies, but the disc came broken. So I talked them all into watching EPISODE 5 one more time. That movie is so damn dope.

Yzzy has sold 196 boxes of GS cookies.

Ivan is over at Mom and Dad's watching Sharkboy and Lava Girl.

That's about it. Enjoy the layout.