Thursday, January 05, 2006

1up last import

I just threw the last three here. Whatever.
Shadow of the Colossus was dope. It took me awhile to take down that last boss, but it was worth it. Luther is doing the extra missions and I will swoop his card when the time comes. Old school is still pwning me. I did beat level five in Time Pilot a few times. Racked up my 160,000 points. Yeah...wtvr. I promise to keep my gaming noize down in here and focus on more interesting things...but I don't want to lose the text that I have already generated.

here goes:

Soul Calibur 3 and the Colossus
posted at 10/31/2005 11:04 AM EST
Yeah, Burnout Revenge had me locked there for a bit. I am on the last tier. I have to get gold all the way through. I was getting ready to do just that when Colossus dropped. That thing really has my attention. I am on Boss #14 right now. I don't have the time to just throw at this thing like other people. If I am sitting down for it, I will try to take 2-3 bosses down. But I am not playing it every day. As a matter of fact, I didn't play it at all last week. I have other things on the go. If you know me, then you know what i am talking about.

Fizz did pick up Sould Calibur 3. He is being very shady with it. He hides it because he doesn't want me practicing too much. I pwned him outright with my Soul Calibur 2 Cervantes tactics. My Astaroth needed a little. I wasn't even looking for air grabs or any of the fun stuff that I usually do. I was just trying to get out of some severe close-range Nightmare pokage. It was good. Once I have a little practice time, this trash will be over. All I have been able to do with Ivy is look at the moves list. I am looking forward to stretching her out again. She takes work. When SC2 came out, I went to task with her. In three solid weeks I built her into a SERIOUS BEAST. So serious iun fact that I coulnd't fairly play my competition. It just wasn't fair. She was untouchable. I had those stances on lock. I have never been into stance characters. I once tried for a bit to get Lei down in Tekken 3 and found the trash to be tedious. Ivy in the other hand has a lot of trickery built into each stance change. Furthermore, she can deal damage in her process of changing. That really appealed to me.

Cervantes is holding it down. His new command grab, straight outta Street Fighter is NOICE. The gunfire is NOICE too. Not like I am going to be landing that stuff AT ALL. I did shoot Fizz's Nightmare in the head for a ring-out though.

Why do I not feel it like in years past? I think a big part of it is that i am not teaching anymore. Bakc when i had students to hang out in the classroom after school and throw down...those were the days. Specifically with SC2. Those guys weren't ready for my skills whatsoever...but they learned. Towards the end, I was throwing everything I had at a "tap-tap-tap" happy Raphael...and I couldn't guarantee my wins.

Same with Tekken 5. I used to play a grip of people...people have moved on. It gets old beating the computer down and earning sunglasses let me tell you.

This is why I am having a lot of fun with the Colossus. It is me versus these big stupid bosses. Actually, they aren't so stupid now. They are getting pretty cheap. I have this dog thing ramming pillars. Every time he hits me, if I don't fly into a corner or somewhere safe, he will PWN the rest of my life bar...slowly. Hit after hit. Now that i know that when pillar falls and i am on top of it, all I need to do is keep the R1 button down, rather than trying to jump at the next one in mid-flight...well, I will be taking dog guy out next time I fire that beast up.

Ok...that's all for now.
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Burnout Revenge among other things...
posted at 09/26/2005 11:33 AM EDT
I picked it up the day it dropped. I have been up IN this game. I don't have the time to play it that I would like, but I am tearing it open.
I read on the beards that some head was complaining about the crashbreakers in races. Well, that trash needs to get unlocked. You don't just start dropping crashbrakers on heads. I like the way the game is laid out too. You have your 9 BIG MISSION sites, and then sub-sites within the 9 big ones. This one is different too, because you are playing to earn more and more reckles definitions of yourself, rather than cars. Cars are just handed to you. The routes seem to be a pastiche of all of the old Burnouts. Specifically the Rome setup from Burnout 1.
I know that I am playing this game hard because when I close my eyes, I seee blue "shortcut" lights and yellow lines. I have had the same sort of experience with the previous Burnouts too.

AM I ADDICTED? YES I AM. And I have only been playing solo. With the Fizzorama gets further along, we'll start warring. The only thing about the game that i dislike, and have always disliked is the "crash" setup. I guess there is some beauty to it, but I find it ultimately frustrating. I can make whatever they want me to make, but in this incarnation, it seems like they just out and out lie to you. They show you the track, but the big points or the solution is not on the track at all. te solution is elsewhere. That gets old. Furthermore, when you lift off, you pull to the left something fierce. I don't know what is up with that. I had a lot more fun blowing myself up and going for the X4 than this...but I must say that graphically, this game is a BEAST on this level.

Tagging traffic is a LOT of fun. I find that when I am racing and I have opponents around me, that the more traffic i tag, the more chances I have that I am going to score a takedown.

I have played the game for about 9 hours already...and dammit...I AM HOOKED.

Shadow of the Colossus comes out next month. That will probably be my next move. Even though I scored that Tekken stick for 10 bones, I haven't booted that game up in WEEKS. I dunno. Has the Tekken fire died in me? At this point it has. I cite it to a lack of competition. I don't do tourneys, I do living rooms. And no one in my immediate circle is doing living rooms right now. My regular comp is outta town perpetually. When he is in town, he gives me about a one hour warning. So I don't even really have time to warm it up. We'll see.

Soul Calibur3? I haven't caught the bug yet. This whole "design your fighter" trash sounds gay to the utmost degree. Like SERIOUSLY GAY. Like, not interested. I like the VF customizations. I like the T5 customizations...but this trash just sounds like trash. If I go to war with someone, I am not going to know what kinda moves list they will be coming at me with. I could be ready to deal with a Nightmare and catch a Voldo. I could be ready for an Astaroth and catch a Taki. This DOES NOT sound like fun to me. I could be misreading the whole thing, but it sounds like they may have very well dummied the thing down to elementary school level.

Anything else? I am not really looking forward to the PS3 either. I mean, what are they gonna release on it? FF Whatever? I need to either a)embrace RPGs or b) shoot my damn self.

I need to go see THE HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. My old college buddy IAN landed a part in it and I am hyped. Apparently his part has some critics really praising him. We'll see. I will have to deke out of work early on friday I think in order to ccatch this trash.

Gottago. I'll be back around.
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posted at 08/29/2005 11:53 AM EDT
My goodness. I had a post here, and I was 3/4 through it and then I was able to step out of myself and realize just how offensive it was. I think I need to think about the subject for a few more days before I do in fact put it here...because that thing was full of piss and vinegar and and in sore need of some non-offensive balance.

Ok, MILLIPEDE. Why am I playing this game incessantly? I'll tell you why...because I tear it up. Why can't I go back in time and use the skills that I now have to PWN up fools in the past? Man... I pulled a 600,000+ game the other day from the BEGINNING and I have a lot more where that came from.

ok, DEFENDER. Why do I fire up the PS2 and play this classic? That game will PWN me for the rest of my life. With no extra man bonuses, starting with 3 men I will never make it past attack wave 8 without the finger of God. I must have played that game 1 million times. I still love it though.

ok, ROBOTRON. I can't get much past the 600,000 mark. I crumple. I fold. I lose 6-8 men in a row. I need to rethink my general board pattern. That game is mad fun though. The procerss is basically to get 100,000 points per every Brain Wave. I have the tractors pretty much locked. I have the grunt waves (specifically 9 and 19) locked. It is all a spheroid situation. I don't remember having this kind of problem with them in my past.

ok, TIME PILOT '84.
Why did I fire up that Konami Classics disc? Why? I can make it to 2024 or whatever that is, but will i ever pass it? I freakin doubt it. I NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE THE STIX FOR THAT GAME. D-Pad mishaps are taking me out.

Gyruss is the game that San Andreas mocks in the apartment video game setup. Gyruss? I used to get to earth like 2x. Those days are over. Why? D-PAD mishaps. GIMME MY STIX.

Back in the day, I could clear the board 2x. Now I can barely make it to the base the first time. Why? D-PAD. Gimme the stic and I will school that game.

17,000 is about as far as a muphukka can get. I would kill to get my hands on SCORE! BEATING THE TOP 20 VIDEO GAMES by Ken USTON (I think that was his name). Back in the day, that book was the bible. Uston died a little while ago BTW.

Ok...that is my old school update. There is more... but man.

So what is up with this TEKKEN DARK HORIZONES whatevertheheck? I am NOT FEELING IT. Tekken 5.1 is something that is beyond me. I don't abuse Steve or Nina or Heihachi's broken 2,1 1+2 so WTH? I don't even use the Paul d/f2 back sway option that much. They slowed it down though. I don't use the Feng stomp that much but apparently it has been toned back HARD. Tekken had better kick some competition my way or I will pack that thing in. Everyone I know except A. have moved on from it. Why? Too much of a good thing I guess. I NEED MORE COMP! I want to play for fun and for laughs. I am not into tourneys. Man I miss the old classroom days.

SC2? Cervantes is BACK ONLINE. Unfortunately the FIZZORAMA hasn't been practicing his Voldo. SC3 cometh. But on the highest note?


I am getting ready to get lost in that one. Fizz was playing TAKEDOWN the other day and just watching it go down got the blood pumping. I have loved that series and I have handled that series correctly.

Burnout 1. PWNED me for 3 weeks straight.
Burnout 2. PWNED me for 2 more weeks.
Burnout 3. Still Pwns. it is a good time every time it is on.
I have beaten it 3x already due to bad memory card file issues.

Revenge cannot miss.

I'll get back witcha.