Thursday, January 05, 2006

1up Import 6

This is a typical video game post. It is too bad that SC3 didn't hold our attention for as long as I thought it would. Ivy's moveslist got all jacked up and Luther never quite nailed his Yoshimitsu. Cervantes the dread pirate pwned the wasteland...and I never actually landed an Astaroth air grab. *sigh*

I Had to Kill My Whole Crew To Get To You
posted at 08/22/2005 11:15 AM EDT
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Last night's post:

That has been my mantra as I work Cervantes vs L. He is bringing in the Yoshimitsu. I am glad that he is finally at a stage where he can bring some good strats to the board. His Nightmare was a good taste of the fighting game genre. He was able to school every low-mid level player just with brute force. It took me a bit to figure out what exactly Astaroth had to do to keep the Nightmare at bay. L can still school everyone who doesn't know his game. I am looking forward to some serious Yoshi rounds here in the near future. The problem with this SC2 revival? TEKKEN 5. I have to think of a different engine when I play T5. A and I are scheduled for a friday throwdown here pretty quick. I need to park all SC2 habits and start pulling back to block again. He just went to EVO, so I am going to have to brace myself for an inevitable beatdown. He has stepped out of a realm where he has been playing/observing THE BEST IN THE NATION. I will have my juggles down. Time to put the FENG to work. I will brush up on my Bryan and really concentrate on the King. Marduk too. I am looking forward to it. If I am feeling confident later this week, I will pull out the Heihachi and work with him again. Paul is good no matter what I do. I just need to incorporate the d+1+2 shoulder for whiffs. Keep him rolling. A little UP setup practice will be good too. I need to throw out the UP when he gets up with a kick. Good times. Sidestep and of course, think of mix-ups, mix-ups, mix-ups. I'll be back.

Today's update:
So we played MANY ROUNDS.
Astaroth was getting pwned up by that Voldo. L has a good Voldo. He just needs to learn to throw moves out on reaction and not go hunting for that one crowd plaeaser. Whatever the case is, Astaroth lost 3 rounds in a row and it was time to tag in Cervantes. The pirate just tears holes in things. I was running him at about 1/2 tank too. Pulled a double perfect. I looked at the strat guide after we got donew throwing down and I was all "ohhhh yeaaaahhhh" as far as remembering moves that I hadn't used. FIERCELY LINEAR GAMEPLAY. I need to start working the horizontals in if I am going to get back into him. My Cervantes was a total beast a few years ago...and I can rip through the basic routines, but I need to mix him up a little more. Cervantes is good for some HARDCORE LOWS. And who in their right mind doesn't want the cannonball lifter to that "power forearm pulse" with your opponent air-grabbed? SO DOPE.

I promised L. That I wouldn't warm Cervantes up during the week, seeing as he isn't going to be playing. This way, I can concentrate on the TEKKEN. which is going to own my soul here real quick.
Tonight: Feng training.

Off to work.