Thursday, January 05, 2006

1Up import 3

I tell you what. When I play Tekken, I get down. Read on. Or don't...because this is the dorky stuff right here...

Saturday's throwdown
posted at 08/02/2005 11:17 AM EDT
I got right back and typed this up, but it wouldn't take. So here it is again.

So A. and I fianlly threw down. I had practiced a little, but I wasn't
up to speed. This wasn't a night where I kept a 10-15 round lead on him. I
held it down from about 5-8 games ahead. He is coming up, let me tell you.
My being rusty as hell didn't help matter much. What I do know is that I
was in the lead PERIOD. He finally evened the score when we started to play
silly matches with characters we don't know. He obviously has some
knowledge of Raven and Feng, because he was rolling me with those two.
This is what I noticed:
Hwoarang was a BEAST. There is one character that he has that scares me and
that is Hwoarang. That bitch can poke me to death. If he goes up into
flamingo stance though, he gets a deathfist, POINT BLANK. A. has
invested his time in safe oki moves to keep me rolling. I couldn't handle
him with Paul as well as I wanted, it was Bryan situation. WATCH OUT FOR
THE JUGGLE UPPERCUT. The hitbox must be half the screen. That stuff hurt.
A's Bryan is totally ownable except for one thing, he is a total
snakes's edge whore. I was eating that low shot for days. As a matter of
fact, his whole game is based around that cheesy low move. Block that and
return it with the fisherman's hook and it is ON. My Bryan outpokes.
Furthermore, A. was falling for the windmill kick like all damn day. I
was landing that stuff like crazy. He brought out Kuma and I just nailed
that bear with that move for 3 rounds straight. I put him in his place with
that stuff. He shouldn't be bringing Kuma to the table period after all of
the mess he talked back in TTT.

A's Kazuya is BACK. Horribly reversible, but back. If I eat the
hellsweeps, I am going to get rolled for half of my life bar.
And he throws all day. I had to wake up to that. When I practice, I don't
throw. I started throwing like crazy after I saw his patterns. It is
usually something like "punch pattern, punch pattern, throw." I started to
catch onto it. My Paul is still strong and I pulled off an Ultimate
Punishment. I was using two-button break throws, PERIOD. I had the
guessing game on.

My biggest disappointment was my King. I must have buffered the Giant Swing
8-10 times, but it wasn't coming out. That was another thing, I was
breaking in a new controller. Whatever the case, my Marduk was good.

So what do I know?
GET UP KICKING LOW. He is ready for the kick to the face (finally). OR

GET YOUR SIDESTEPPING GAME ON. I was so fiercely linear that it was
ridiculous. I coulda been SS 1,1,2ing him out with Heihachi. My Heihachi
is totally broken at this point. I am sending him back for a serious

I don't care what A. says about Bryan being 'easy' or whatever. I have
been playing that zombie since T3. I am not going to park him now. I need
to get my juggles a little sharper and it is on.

A. switched sides, so all night I was player 2. I wasn't really ready
for that maneuver, but that is how he plays.

BLOCK LOW. His last shot is ALWAYS LOW.

That is all I have at this point. I didn't lose tonight, but I wasn't
rolling him up either. A 5 round winning streak isn't anything to really
brag about, and by the time we got to round 65 or so, it was even, and I was

I'll get back with you here...

*couple of additional points here*
A. is posting that using Bryan is cheap because Bryan is top tier. I find that interesting sice he was such a Mishima whore in TTT. He is going to Evo though, and I wish him luck. Maybe he will show up on the big disc that gets released.

If we are going to be warring and I am going to be on the P2 side, well then peeeaace. Because my thumbs OWN that direction. I will just have to stay immersed in the game until the next throwdown.

And FENG is coming.