Thursday, January 05, 2006

1up import 2

More. This is about me throwing down with Andrew. I am going to have a serious TTT battle with that guy in about a week and a half. I have to get my practice on and quit doing dumb stuff like this here.

This is actually number 3
posted at 08/01/2005 11:37 AM EDT
Yeah, A. and I threw down the other night. I wrote this fat post up, but it wouldn't take on sat night. So it is a text file on my desktop on my home computer. I'll try putting it up here later. It is all about strat and perceived attacks and ways to sharpen game.

This is what I have come to the conclusion of: He wants to win, period. No matter how cheap, no matter how dishonorable. He will find whatever cheap sort of frame advantage cheeseball exploitable move that is there to get that win in. I held it down, but I saw the cheapness of it all.

On that note, forget that guy, i am going to hustle up some Feng. Complete high speed domination. No mercy. I will have my classier acts, but sure, if he is going to be bringing the cheapness, i will have to show him what true frame advantage is. I'm going to cut and paste some serious feng strats here in a bit. Peeeaace.

hey, it is just a game. Something to keep my mind occupied as I black out to and from work on that death bus.