Thursday, January 05, 2006

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This one is a media update. A little more teeth to it, methinks.
Media Update
posted at 08/11/2005 02:44 PM EDT 1 Thumbs
Yeah, I yanked Feng up to Tekken Lord level...which means absolutely nothing until I actually play some heads. I know his mechanics and I know his mixups and I have his juggles down. Now I just need to put in my time and keep him fresh. Now I can go back to Marduk and King. King needs a stronger poking game. I just need to concentrate on making him more unpredictable. marduk? mix-ups are going to save me there.
Heihachi? needs some work. The T5 incarnation of the old man has changed his physics a bit and I haven't quite figured it out yet. Plus qcf+2 hits everything at arcade level, so there is no real challenge. Oh, I wish I could go back to the days of TTT when EVERYONE WAS PLAYING. Now I have to wait for loooooong stretches before i get decent comp. Whatever, it is a fun hobby.

MP3 Players.
Man, I have cracked 2 MUVO 1 GB players already. Neither of them have made it past the 2 month mark. This really sucks because they are forcing me in an IPOD direction. I don't want an IPOD. That is sellout status. So now I have 160$ in the form of a Circuit City gift card and I have to make a move. I don't have to, but I would like to. The gym is pretty boring without beats. The vanpool ride is pretty boring without beats. I blow that 160 bux on..oh I dunno..God of War and a bunch of DVDs? I have had the gift card for almost a month now as I toss these ideas around in my head. The music file that I was using is totally backed up on my work computer, and I am adding to it and taking from it as if I was actually loading it regularly. I work with a bunch of MP3 hounds and we are sending stuff back and forth on company emails all day long. I have 10gb of music stashed on the harddrive here and I have the same file zipped and stashed on the company server. There is another music file out there that people are tapping into. The problem has been that the people in the building with APPLE log onto a different network than us PC heads. I know that the jump is possible, but I haven't asked the right techie how it is done. It will happen though. It is such a shell game. There are techies here that I talk to, but every now and then, I hear this rebuke from them to someone else about surfing online or storing data on their work computers etc, etc. I need to find the man who is DOWN for the cause. I have a guess who it is, but I haven't quite gotten in with the guy yet.

So my buddy Ian is going to be in the ne HISTORY OF VIOLENCE movie from Croenenberg. I had pretty much given up on that guy after SPIDER (actually, CRASH was my last straw of patience with the man). But now, to see the scotchman onscreen as some thug named "Ruben"...well, Croenenberg will glean yet another buck from me. Other than that..what is there? I still need to see BATMAN. I downloaded it, but I got about 15 minutes in and realized that this was going to be a big screen experience. Watched the WEDDING CRASHERS the other day. What a joke. Glad the copy was just that...a copy. And I am a Vince Vaughn fan. That thing was mediocrity squared. And what is up with Owen Wilson? That fool is making decent cash, he should get his damn nose fixed.

I'll be back.

Oh, I corrupted my Arcade Classics memory card and lost everything. Whatever... I turned around and put 590,000 on Robotron point blank. I'll get back to you.