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King Og of Bashan Online Resources.
Wikipedia is a great place to start for reliable links concerning King Og of Bashan.
( en.wikipedia.org ). This page contains the simplest yet most concise explanation of King Og of Bashan.                                      
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Og
How tall Was King Og Of Bashan?
A musing and working towards the actual height of King Og of Bashan by  ( jwdoctrine.com )
Bible Hub ( biblehub.com) breaks down multiple biblical translations of Deuteronomy 3:11 in regards to King Og of Bashan.
Another page featuring Deuteronomy 3:11 which reflects upon King Og of Bashan from ( kingjamesbibleonline.org ).
Another page with just the biblical text concerning King Og of Bashan by   ( bible.com ).
Deuteronomy Chapter 3: Og the King of Bashan the Giant, Possessing the Land, Moses Cannot Enter the Land.
A serious wrestling with the concept of King Og of Bashan before and after the flood by 
Numbers 21 On the Way to Canaan
A solid bible study on Israel’s wending road to King Og of Bashan by
Sihon and Og King of Amorites
A quick bible study on King Og of Bashan by ( delrifkah.homestead.com ).
Another presentation of scripture regarding King Og of Bashan from the    ( blueletterbible.org ).
King Og from the Jewish Encyclopedia ( jewishencyclopedia.com )
Basic answer to “Who was King Og of Bahsan?” at ( gotquestions.org ).
A jewish telling of the story of King Og of Bashan from ( aish.com ).
An extensive breakdown of King Og of Bashan or Ogias the Giant by
Og, The King Of Bashan
One of the sparsest pages of King Og of Bashan on the Internet, by
The Giants Og, Sihon and Goliath of Gath are gone Forever
An interesting blog from ( preacherbrotherbob.blogspot.com )
The Giant King Og Speaks! 
A reference to this very LOST BOOK OF KING OG website by
(timetobelieve.com ). Their version of Chapter 7 is an older translation.
Another site linking to the original LOST BOOK OF KING OG text by
Yet another site linking to the LOST BOOK OF KING OG text by
Gilgal, Rephaim, Circle of Og King of Bashan
Interesting read tying modern findings to King Og of Bashan by an author on the subject.
King Og, His Genealogy
Another interesting quick read by the above author on the subject.
A Story of a Giant Story The Winding Way of Og King of Bashan in the Jewish Haggadic Tradition
A gateway page to a well-documented explanation of King Og of Bashan by the ( jstor.org )

The Defeat of King Og of Bashan                                                                     The Biblical text of the showdown against King Og of Bashan from             
( biblegateway.com ).                                         
A well documented breakdown of biblical and historical texts regarding King Og of Bashan. It is simply entitled, “Og” from the                            
Bible Study Tools ( biblestudytools.com ) presents an “Og Definition and meaning” page.
Stories of the Nephilim and Rephaim King Og. The Patriarchs. Gilgal Rephaim. From 
Arguments on whether King Og survived the flood or not.
 Og, King of Bashan by ( sounddoctrineministries.wordpress.com ).
A surprisingly light explanation of King Og of Bashan from the Institute of Creation Research 
( icr.org ).
The Giant of the Flood.
The tale of how King Og survived the flood as told by ( sacred-texts.com ).
The Bed of Og
A focusing on the size of the bed of King og of Bashan (.pdf)
King Og’s Iron Bed
A very short explanation of the bed of King Og of Bashan from
Og’s King Sized Bed
An extensive piece on the size of King Og’s bed from
King Og’s Iron Bed
An article that can be downloaded fully in its PDF from
Largest Bed in World history
According to this site ( nairland.com ) the bed can still be viewed
King Og’s Iron Bed – Geologic Insights
A short read zeroing in on the size of Og’s bed from
King Og’s Giant bed Fact or Fancy?
Another limited look at the size of King Og’s bed.
Midrash on Noah and Og
A Jewish telling of how Og survived the flood from ( jewishrecon.org ).
Middle East Giants
An explanation of the overthrowing of King Og of Bashan.
The Israelites Defeat King Sihon and King Og
A very limited page speaking on the defeat of King Og.
The Slaying of Sihon King of the Amorites and King Og of Bashan
From Watchman Nee and Witness Lee ( ministrysamples.org ).
The Giant Og
A biblical/ torah based explanation of King Og of Bashan.
On the Strange Myth of King Og, the Last Giant
Myth-buster Jason Calovito speaks on King Og of Bashan.
King Og, King Sihon and Biblical Synecdoches
A rather light explanation of how certain battles overshadow others from   ( guardthedeposit.com ).
Remember Sihon and Og
A short explanation of these battles from ( apologeticsindex.org ).
Bible Verses about King Og of Bashan (and some commentary)
Light review of King Og of Bashan from a biblical perspective by
The Lost Book Of King Og
A direct lift from this website, with an older version of Chapter 7 of The Lost Book of King Og from ( fallenangels.ning.com )
The Lost Book of the Giant King Og Found!
A very light, link-based posting referencing this website and The Lost book of King Og from ( jcourt.net ).
Biblical Information of Giants (8,850 BC to 1,300 BC)
Extensive research on giants where King Og of Bashan is mentioned by
How Moses Conquered Sihon and King Og
A very limited breakdown of the battle against Sihon and King Og of Bashan by ( interhack.net ).
This Time . . . I Blog on Og
An informative blog on King Og of Bashan by ( johnathanlipnick.com ).
Valley of the Giants
A questionable, yet interesting take on the giants, including King Og of Bashan by ( theforbiddenknowledge.com ).
The Giants
A very quick read featuring King Og of Bashan from (talc.site88.net ).
The Lost World of Giants
A strong piece of reference material by ( beforeus.com ).
Giant Humans in the Historical Records
A solid amassing of a lot of information on giants by
Biblical Archeology and Finds of the Past
An interesting link hub with valid and invalid points of interest from
Post Flood Giants
A mixture of biblical and non-biblical mythology, tying genetics to the book of Revelation by (answersintheendtimes.com ).
Who Are the Nephilim?
A very cursory explanation of giants such as King Og of Bashan by
The Fierce Amorites and the First king of the Babylonian Empire.
An interesting read that brushes up on ancient antiquity from
Steve Quayle Endorses the Lost Book Of King Og
Blogger Demmon shows how Christian Nephilim Theorist endorses THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG. Steve Quayle speaks on the Lost book of King Og in Jim Bakker’s webshow. The Jim Bakker story is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Bakker
The link to Steve Quayle speaking on Jim Bakker’s webshow is below:
Tom Horn Steve Quayle Biblical Giants
Scroll the bar at the top of the screen across to 1 hour and 22 minutes. From this point on, you will hear born-again Christian
Steve Quayle speaking on THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG.

This list is still under construction.


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I need to make it clear to you that I have run out of patience and respect for Father Martin. Inside me, there is still a love for the man, but he is doing his best to pollute it.

Its really hard presenting the front end of THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG when there is so much bickering in the background.

Father Martin may present himself online as level-headed, but this "fear" thing has got to stop. In his fear, he is lashing out. He cultivates his fear and he relies on it. He lives by it, and he worships it. What I see is a man whose heavily taxed brain is descending into madness.  

That is your insight into the following  note that I have added to the Introduction Page of THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG:

*November 15, 2016 edit*                                                                                                      
Father Martin and I no longer work together. I 'd been nurturing the idea that our relationship would stabilize, but it hasn't. In his fervor to  embrace fear as a form of spiritual weaponry, he has become impossible to work with. Father Martin, I am afraid, is descending into madness. He lashes out, then apologizes.  This is all by email of course, so it is protracted and irritating.  After a series of disputes over this new evil that he speaks of we both decided to pause in all dealings with each other. This leaves me forced to take his truth and continue on without him. We will continue cooperating to finish making the LOST BOOK OF KING OG website, but frankly, I want to sock the man in the face. 

Serious. I'll break a Jesuit.                    


Saturday, November 12, 2016


Chapter 2B has been put up online at the official site for THE LOST BOOK OF KING OG.

I just got clearance from Father Martin who was cleared by his supervisors to put it online. I made the argument with him pretty strong today that these chapters are damn near unsearchable the way he insists that they are online. He is a real fan of having one massive document online. I have pushed multiple times for chapter breakouts, but that old Jesuit is having none of it.

The best I can do is extract these chapters and drop them here in my blog.

What sticks out about this chapter is that King Og has lost his wife Lestha and he is in the middle of losing his Moonchild.

In short, King Og is in dire straits. So he fasts and prays in a temple and then busts off with one of the wickedest prophecies I have ever read. Baal of the earth, moon, water, sun, stars and celestial bodies all step up (all are different entities) to speak through Og. Also, Mot speaks from the underworld.

I read this thing and all afternoon I have been wondering about King Og's method. He chains himself into a temple and waits to hear from the gods he worships. Its like, Og was setting prayer standards that were later adopted and used by christians.

Speaking of christians, again, this section really feels Biblical. I am sure that if I was to do the time, I would be able to see how common some of the phrases that Og used were. In fact, the argument is growing in my mind that early christians had much more access to the LOST BOOK OF KING OG than the Vatican has ever let on.

There is more to say, but I have a lot to do, and I wanted to just drop this and get back to it later.




1It is known that as the [Moonchild] lay close to death in the temple of Baal of the Moon. King Og  [then] clothed himself with a long white robe with a golden sash across his chest. 2He refused food and drink and chained his arms by the rings within the temple of Baal of the Moon. In his right hand he held seven weapons. 3Og hung upon chains while standing for seven days, until the death of the [Moonchild]. Only the smaller self sorceresses and I Anak, Keeper of the Dead, attended him.

4In his trance, Og’s seven braids fell about his head and his eyes darkened and turned inward. The temple of Baal of the Moon was closed as Og hung before Baal and pleaded for the life of the [Moonchild]. 5 So when the elders of the Rephaim went to the temple of Baal of the moon to rid Og of his chains, they were refused. He would not be freed, nor would he eat food with them.

6On the third day of Og’s hanging silence in the temple of Baal of the moon, he raised his head and spoke the prophecy.  On the third day, Og’s hair turned as white wool. His eyes became clear yet as a flame of fire. 7His body began to glow dull, as burnished bronze. His face became as the sun shining full force. His voice became as the sounds of the great waters [to come]. 8I, Anak Keeper of the Bodies did both observe and transcribe the [prophetic] words of King Og at this time. This is Og’s prophecy that pitted the Rephaim against the Nephilim in the Hundred Thousand Giant War as transcribed by I Anak:


9Do not be afraid, for I am Baal of the earth. The first and the last. I am the living one. I am alive forever and ever.
10I, Baal of the earth know your works, your toils and your patient endurance with the abomination. 11I know that you cannot tolerate the circumcision. I know that you have tested the Rephaim that claim to be whole-membered and found some to be false.
12It is to your credit that you hate Nimrod, who I also hate.
13I, Baal of the earth, know of your affliction and of the [Moonchild]. I know that the slander of the circumcised is spoken against you. 14Do not fear for the war that you are about to suffer. Be faithful to Baal of the earth and abhor circumcision until your death and I will give you rewards. 15Let he who has ears listen to what Baal of the earth has to say through his servant Og.


16And I saw the [Moonchild] clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet. On her head was the crown of the Rephaim. She was pregnant and crying out in birthpangs in the agony of giving birth. 17Then the great circumcised dragon, with seven heads and ten horns appeared before the [Moonchild]. The dragon stood before the [Moonchild] ready to devour the new Rephaim as soon as it was born. 18And the [Moonchild] gave birth to a son, a male child who was to rule all of the [Giant] nations with a rod of iron. But the [Moonchild’s] son was snatched from her and eaten by the dragon, and the [Moonchild] went to the wilderness to die, as a victim of the uncircumcised.

19 For the sins against the [Moonchild] are heaped high to heaven, and Baal of the moon will not forgive the iniquity of her death. Render unto the [Moonchild] as she herself has rendered. 20Repay her land double for your circumcised deeds of destruction. The uncircumcised will mix a cup for the [Moonchild], a double draught to pour out in remembrance of her.

21For in the [Moonchild’s] heart she was a queen, and she will never see grief.  

22Therefore the plagues of Baal and Mot will come to Nimrod in a single day. Pestilence, mourning and famine for the circumcised. For she was killed by Nimrod, and the hour of his judgement has come.
23Do not be afraid, for I am Baal of the moon. I will avenge the [Moonchild] and I will deliver Nimrod into your own hands.

24To the circumcised:

I know where you are living, where Nimrod’s throne is. Yet you Nephilim hold fast to your [irreversible] circumcision. The stupid [Giants] hold to the teachings of Nimrod who through circumcision has placed a stumbling block before all of them. 25You circumcised will throw dust upon your heads. You circumcised will weep and mourn as you are killed and tied to trees for the beasts and [carrion] to consume. 26For you have laid waste to the [Moonchild]. Baal of the moon rises in judgement for her. I will drop a star from the sky upon you, o circumcised Nephilim. With such violence, Nimrod’s great cities will be thrown down. 27The sounds of harpists and minstrels and flutists and trumpeters will be heard in Nimrod’s land no more. Artisans of any trade will be found in Nimrod’s land no more. The light of lamps will not be found in Nimrod’s land anymore. 28For Nimrod and his entire nation were deceived by sorcery, and all of his prophets will be slaughtered by servants of Baal of the moon for the loss of the [Moonchild].


29Behold the words of Baal of the sun. I hold this against the Rephaim, that you tolerate the [Giant] Nimrod who calls himself a great hunter and is teaching and beguiling the Rephaim to practice circumcision and not sacrifice the smaller selves. 30I gave him time to repent but Nimrod refuses to repent of his circumcision. Beware, I am throwing Nimrod on a bed, and those that practice circumcision with him I am sending my servant Og to bring them great distress.

31Og will strike down Nimrod’s circumcised with death. All of the land will know that Baal of the sun does not respect the circumcised.

32To Og I will give authority over the nations and people. To rule them with an iron rod, as when the clay pots are shattered. I Baal of the sun will give Og the morning star.

33Look before you, I have set an open door, which no one is able to shut. A door of victory over the circumcised. I will keep you to hold fast to what you have so that no circumcised may seize the crown of Og. 34I will make Og a pillar in the temple of Baal of the sun.

35And I Baal of the sun call for the Hundred Thousand Giant War, where the circumcised will finally be [eradicated]. 36I Baal of the sun that sits in the throne that looks like jasper and carnelian. All around my throne is the emerald floor and my twenty four servants all wearing golden crowns and white robes.  37Coming from all of our thrones will be flashes of lightning, and rumblings and peals of thunder. 38And under this there will be a multitude of Rephaim, from all tribes and people and languages standing before Baal of the sun with palm trees in their hands screaming in a loud voice, “Victory belongs to the uncircumcised who are seated in the Kingdom of Og! Let there be blessings and glory and wisdom and honor and power and might to Baal of the sun forever and ever!”

39These are the Rephaim that fight the great war against circumcision. They have not spilled the blood of their members for Nimrod. For this reason, the Rephaim are before the thrones of Baal of the sun and his twenty four servants, who worship him day and night in his temple. 40The Rephaim will hunger no more, and thirst no more and the sun will not strike them nor any of its scorching heat, for Baal of the sun has spoken.


41Behold, it is I, Baal of the water, with my four guardians standing in the corners of the great land. The guardians that hold back the winds so that no wind will blow against any temple of Baal or against the uncircumcised. 42Yet I, Baal of the water, called to my guardians who are [empowered] to damage the great land and the seas until the circumcised have been ridded from the great land.

43Prepare, circumcised followers of Nimrod to have your stomachs to turn sour. Prepare for your [spittle] to dry in your mouth. Prepare for your skin to be tight from lack of water. Prepare to be unable to bathe. 44Prepare for your terrible beasts to die of thirst. For I, Baal of the water have left your circumcised land.


45Let there be silence in the heavens for more than an hour, for Baal of the stars and celestial bodies has a message for the Rephaim. 46After the silence, Baal of the stars and celestial bodies will throw his censer filled with fire to earth; and there will be peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes or lightning and earthquakes. 47There will be hail and fire mixed with blood as the circumcised are dashed to the earth. A third of Nimrod’s kingdom will be burned and a third of his trees burned and all of the green grass in his land.

48Baal of the stars and celestial bodies will [drop] a great star from heaven, blazing like a torch upon Nimrod, his circumcised Nephilim and his rivers. 49The name of the star is [Uncircumcised Worm] and Nimrod’s waters have become bitter, like the blood of a corpse and many of his circumcised Nephilim will die from it.

50On that day, Baal of the stars and celestial bodies will strike a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of all stars so that a third of Nimrod’s light is darkened. 51Woe to the inhabitants of Nimrod’s circumcised land. They shall be plunged into darkness, where the Nephilim will gnaw at their own tongues in agony, and they will be covered with pain and sores. 52Nimrod’s great city will be split into three parts by an earthquake. The wrath of Baal of the stars and celestial bodies will be poured out upon Nimrod and his kingdom, and the wine-cup of the fury of his wrath will be splashed about. 53And all of Nimrod’s land will sink, and no mountains will be found and huge hailstones weighing about a hundred pounds will be dropped from the celestial bodies upon the circumcised until they curse Baal of the stars and celestial bodies because of their corrupted members.

54I, Baal of the stars and celestial bodies will then drop a star upon the great land that will fall through the earth, into the bottomless pit and the shaft of the pit will be opened and smoke will rise like that of a great furnace from the center of the earth.  
 55For Baal of the stars and celestial bodies will release Mot from the underworld.

56Behold the words of Mot, and behold the locusts that I will bring upon the land of Nimrod. Behold the uncontrollable scorpions that I will release upon the circumcised. 57The scorpions that damage the remaining grass and trees in Nimrod’s land. The scorpions that will destroy all except those who have not carved their members in the rites of circumcision. Those that are circumcised shall be tortured and killed. 58Their torture will be the stings of scorpions. The circumcised will seek death and not find it, until Og delivers it to them.

59I will make Nimrod’s land a dwelling place of demons. A haunt of every foul spirit, a haunt of every foul bird, a haunt of every foul and hateful beast. 60This is to come along with more.

61Behold the plagues that I Mot will bring upon the circumcised from the underworld: Locusts as large as horses with human faces, hair like women’s hair and teeth like lions’ teeth, with armored scales, wings and stingers on their tails for the uncircumcised Rephaim to attack with, for I, Mot stand over the bottomless pit of the underworld.  62I will empower the uncircumcised to kill one third of the circumcised inhabitants of Nimrod’s land. I will empower them to kill the circumcised while riding beasts that breathe smoke as the Rephaim [warriors] wear breastplates the color of fire, sapphire, and sulfur.

63The rest of the great land who remain [undecided] concerning the act of carving their members will face me as I arise from the underworld. I know your works, you are neither circumcised or not. You are lukewarm in regards to the [governing] of your members. 64I will spit upon you, while wrapped in smoke, with the dark color of oily water above my head. My face will be as the sun and my legs as pillars of fire. I will raise my right hand to the sky and swear by the underworld that there will be no more delay in the death of the uncircumcised.

65The uncircumcised will say, “I am rich I have prospered and I need nothing.” Yet you fools will not realize that you are circumcised, wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked. 66Therefore I counsel you that you never cut your foreskin that you may be rich and robes of purple clothe you.  Behold, my servant Og stands at your uncircumcised door and knocks. If you heed his voice and open the door and remain uncircumcised, the kingdom of the Rephaim will enter into your home and eat with you. Let anyone who has an ear listen to what Mot has to say to the circumcised and the uncircumcised alike.


67So spoke the prophet Og while chained to the bracelets of the temple of Baal of the earth. 68I warn every [Giant] that hears the words of prophecy from King Og, if anyone adds to them, Baal of the earth will add to that [Giant the plagues described in this prophecy. If anyone takes away from the words that are in King Og’s prophecy, Baal of the earth shall take away that [Giant’s] share in the whole of the great land that will belong to Og. Thus saith Anak Keeper of the Bodies.


69And it came to pass that on the seventh day Og spent chained in the temple that the [Moonchild] died. 70The servants, sorceresses and elder Rephaim were afraid to arouse Og from his miserable chains to tell him that the [Moonchild] was dead. 71For they said, “Indeed while the [Moonchild] was still alive, we spoke to him and he would not heed our voice. How can we tell him that the [Moonchild] is dead? He may do us all some harm!”

72When Og saw that the servants, sorceresses and elder Rephaim were whispering, Og perceived that the [Moonchild] was dead. Therefore, Og said to the gathering crowd from his chains, “Is the [Moonchild] dead? And they all said “She is dead.”
73So Og arose and unbuckled from his chains. He washed and re-braided his hair, anointed his beard, changed his clothes and went to the temple of Baal of the moon and worshiped. 75Then he went to his own [palace] and when he requested, his smaller self servants set meat before him and he ate. 76Then his smaller self servants said to him, “What is this that you have done? You have fasted and wept for the [Moonchild] while she was alive, but when the [Moonchild] died, you arose and ate food.”

77So Og said, “While the [Moonchild] was still alive, I fasted and wept, for I said, ‘Who can tell whether Baal of the moon will be gracious to the Rephaim that the [Moonchild] may live? But now that the [Moonchild] is dead, why should I fast? 78Can I bring her back again? When I die, I shall go to the [Moonchild] but she will not return to me.

79It was on this day that Og sent messengers to [Giants] throughout the great land and beyond, to join him in war against Nimrod because of the death of the [Moonchild] and because of their adherence to circumcision, which is disrespectful to the gods.80In this way, the Hundred Thousand [Giant] War began.